“Good Partner” stars Jang Nara, Nam Ji Hyun, Kim Jun Han, and P.O as divorce lawyers. Expect contrasting personalities, Premieres July 12th!


GOOD PARTNER an upcoming Korean drama from SBS, promises a captivating look into the lives of lawyers specializing in divorce cases. This office and legal drama goes beyond the courtroom, exploring the human stories behind the separations and the demanding world these professionals navigate.

The drama centers around Cha Eun Kyung (played by Jang Nara), a star lawyer known for her success in divorce cases. Her unwavering focus and sharp mind make her a formidable force in the courtroom.  Against her is Han Yu Ri (played by Nam Ji Hyun), a rookie lawyer new to the world of divorce law. Han Yu Ri’s idealism clashes with the realities Eun Kyung presents, creating an interesting dynamic as the more experienced lawyer mentors the newcomer.

The cast also includes Kim Jun Han as Jung Woo Jin, another lawyer at the firm, and P.O as Jeon Eun Ho. While the teaser doesn’t reveal much about their characters, Jeon Eun Ho’s initial portrayal hints at a less glamorous perspective on their high-powered careers, contrasting with the public perception of lawyers.

“Good Partner” isn’t just about courtroom battles. The drama delves into the emotional toll divorce takes on clients, showcasing the complexities of broken relationships. But it doesn’t shy away from humor either. The teaser offers glimpses of the lighter side of these lawyers’ lives, with moments of friendship and amusing joke.

Perhaps most importantly, the drama promises a realistic portrayal of the legal profession. The teaser highlights the long hours, demanding work ethic, and competitive environment at the prestigious law firm. We see glimpses of the pressure these lawyers face and the potential toll it takes on their personal lives.

With its blend of compelling characters, complex cases, and a realistic view of the legal world, “Good Partner” looks like a drama that will resonate with viewers seeking a thought-provoking and entertaining legal drama. Mark your calendars for its premiere on July 12th!

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