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Strong Girl Nam-Soon

Strong Girl Nam-soon (Korean: 힘쎈여자 강남순) is an ongoing South Korean television series starring Lee Yoo-mi in the title role, along with Kim Jung-eun, Kim Hae-sook, Ong Seong-wu, and Byeon Woo-seok.

DIRECTOR: Kim Jeong-sik, Lee Kyung-sik

WRITTEN BY: Baek Mi-kyung


GENRE: Action, Comedy, Crime


COUNTRY: South Korea


RELEASE DATE: October 7, 2023



credit: Netflix K-content youtube


Gang Nam-soon (Lee Yoo-mi) disappeared in Mongolia as a child. As an adult, she travels to South Korea to search for her parents. She meets Hwang Geum-joo (Kim Jung-eun) and her grandmother, Gil Joong-gan (Kim Hae-sook), in the Gangnam district.

Eventually, Nam-soon, her mother, and grandmother become entangled in a drug case that Detective Gang Hee-sik (Ong Seong-wu) is investigating.


  • Ahn Tae-rin as Tsetseg / young Gang Nam-soon

Second cousin of Do Bong-soon. Like her cousin, she is born with superhuman strength which she inherited from her mother and grandmother.

Mother of Gang Nam-soon who is a CEO of Gangnam pawnshop “Gold Blue”. Like her daughter, she is born with superhuman strength.

Grandmother of Gang Nam-soon and mother of Hwang Geum-joo. Like her daughter and granddaughter, she is born with superhuman strength.

A lieutenant in the Gangnam Han River District Police Department who specializes in investigating drug cases.

CEO of the distribution and sales company “Doogo”.

Supporting Cast

People around Gang Nam-soon

Nam-soon’s father and Geum-joo’s melodramatic ex-husband who runs a photo studio after divorce.

  • Han Sang-jo as Gang Nam-in

Nam-soon’s twin younger brother who is a owner of Tarot Cafe in the 1st floor of Geum-joo’s building.

  • Kim Ki-doo as Hwang Geum-dong

Nam-soon’s maternal uncle, Geum-joo’s younger brother, and Joong-gan’s son.

A homeless person who becomes entangled with Nam-soon.

A romantic homeless person who has no money but has a boyfriend.

Gangnam Hangang District Police Station

A passionate detective who is Hee-sik’s partner and senior in the drug investigation team.

  • Ryu Ha-seong as Jin Seon-gyu

The youngest member of the drug investigation team.

  • Song Jin-woo as Kim Seok-ho

A member of the drug investigation team who is a former bodyguard and taekwondo police officer.

  • Jeong Seung-gil as Ha Dong-seok

A former special forces officer and leader of the drug investigation team.

People around Hwang Geum-joo

  • Choi Hee-jin as Ri Hwa-ja/Lee Myung-hee

A lost girl who resemblance Nam-soon.

  • Oh Jeong-yeon as Jung Na-young

Geum-joo’s trusted secretary.

  • Akira Kim as Brad Song / Song Soo-hyun

A very sexy and handsome fraudster.

People around Gil Joong-gan

Barista of tarot cafe run by Nam-in.

  • Unknown as Hwang Guk-jong

Joong-gan’s husband who becomes a monk.

People around Ryu Shi-oh

  • Yoon Seong-su as Secretary Yoon

Ryu Shi-oh’s secretary who has high-level English skills.

  • Unknown as Kyle Alexandros

Ryu Shi-oh’s bodyguard who is a Russian jiujitsu champion.


  • Tsegmid Tserenbold as Koko

A Mongolian shepherd who raised Nam-soon.

  • Batsumiya Batdorj as Joljaya

A Mongolian shepherd and Koko’s wife who raised Nam-soon alongside him.

Extended Cast

Geum-joo’s loyal secretary.

  • Kim Si-hyeon as Yeo Ji-hyeon

A police officer at district police station and Hee-sik’s fellow.

  • Ha Dong-joon

Special appearances

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