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Actor Lee Jae Yoon share the news of getting married soon

Actor Lee Jae Yoon is getting married!

On October 5, OSEN reported that Lee Jae Yoon was getting married to his non-celebrity girlfriend this November.

Later on the same day, the actor took to his fan cafe to personally share the happy news with his fans. Read his post below!

Hello everyone.

I’m greeting you for the first time in awhile. You’ve all been well, right?

When I come on here once in awhile, I’m reminded of the past. As my fans grew with me, we’ve experienced good and bad moments, and there have been many changes in our lives.

I remember all of those who passed by and those who still support me from behind, and I am always thankful.

I have good news so I’m here to relay it. As this isn’t handwritten and my penmanship isn’t great, I wonder whether this lacks sincerity.

I’m getting married soon to someone I love. After waiting earnestly, I wanted to only tell you quietly at the right time, but a news article came out first.

In the future too, I want to respect the privacy of the people I love and I have a desire for everything to flow naturally…Those who have seen me for a long time have likely already understood this, right?


Lee Jae Yoon made his debut in 2008 and has since starred in the dramas “King of Ambition,” “

“Golden Rainbow,” “Another Oh Hae Young,” “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo,” “Heart to Heart,” “Alice,” and more. He’s also appeared in films such as “Venus Talk,” “The Bad Guys: Reign of Chaos,” and “Special Agent.” It was also revealed that Lee Jae Yoon recently parted ways with his agency Big Ocean ENM.

Congratulations to Lee Jae Yoon and his fiancée!

Source: Soompi

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