Actor Park Hee-Soon, who has displayed good performances in many Netflix works, delivered a special news with “this director” articleCelebrity.


Report shared on September 14th that Park Hee-soon will join as the lead role in Netflix’s new drama “Sunsan” directed by Yeon Sang-ho.

According to reports, “Sunsan” is a thriller drama written by director Yeon Sang-ho.

Park hee soon’s director Yeon Sang-ho and director Min Hong-nam, who worked together in ‘Train to Busan’, will hold the megaphone this time.


In addition, Park Hee-soon, who has recently received favorable reviews for his charismatic acting in Netflix’s ‘My Name’ and ‘A Model Family’, is raising expectations for his new appearance this time.

Park Hee-soon is raising his stock price after gaining titles such as ‘middle-aged sexy’ and ‘adult sexy’.

As the news spread, netizens commented on the online community the qoo, saying, “Crazy”, “I like him so much”, “Please work hard”, “Is Yeon Sang-ho a full-time Netflix employee?”, “Uncle, I’m happy to learn about your new work”, “It’s like his second heyday is coming,” etc.


Park hee soon, since his debut as a theater actor in 1990, has been active in numerous dramas and films

He overcame the 11-year age gap with actress Park Ye-jin and got married in 2015. Park Hee-soon also revealed his whipped romantic side for his wife in a number of entertainment shows.



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