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Actress Jung So-min “Kang Ha-neul Relationship become closer after filming (’30 Days’) Drama Interview

Jung So-min (34) said Kang Ha-neul (33), whom she met again after the movie ‘Twenty’, “It’s so fun to make fun of Kang Ha-neul. “She has a great sense of hitting,” she confessed, bursting into laughter.

In an interview held at a cafe in Samcheong-dong, Seoul on the morning of the 26th, Jung So-min said, “After we filmed ‘20,’ our relationship ended on a warm note, but back then, we were somewhat cautious. But after filming ‘30 Days,’ I felt like we had been friends since high school,” he said, adding that their relationship had become closer than before.

The movie ’30 Days’ (directed by Nam Dae-jung, provided and distributed by Mindmark Co., Ltd., produced by Film Saullim, and co-produced by TH Story) is about D-30, unable to withstand each other’s petulance and stubbornness, and finally becoming a perfect man, with amnesia. A comedy romance between passion (played by Kang Ha-neul) and Nara (played by Jeong So-min) who are caught up in the drama.

Jeong So-min, who played the character Hong Na-ra, said about Kang Ha-neul, who played the role of Noh Jeong-yeol, “In the beginning, we talked about whether we should do it this way or that way, but as time went on, we settled on Tiki Taka without any doubts.”


As for her favorite scene, Jung So-min chose Passion’s ‘extremely disgusted’ expression as she looks at the drunk Nara. “The look on Haneul’s face when he saw me drunk and throwing up was funny. It’s like a Shih Tzu getting angry over something trivial. I wish someone would make it into a meme. He’s not scared, but he looks very angry. “It’s trivial and cute,” he said, laughing as he recalled the scene.

The movie ’30 Days’ will be released in theaters on October 3rd. Suitable for ages 12 and up. Running time 119 minutes


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