Actress Kim Hye Soo narrate why the director had to knee down in front of her on set of “The Queen’s Umbrella”



Kim Hye Soo shared photos of the director kneeling and went out to explain it herself.

On October 9th, Kim Hye Soo posted two photos taken at the filming set of tvN’s drama “The Queen’s Umbrella” on Instagram.

In the photos, a man wearing a casual fit was kneeling in front of Kim Hye Soo, who was dressed in a gorgeous hanbok. This has aroused netizens’ curiosity. The man looked like he was concentrating on the script with his head lowered in a polite posture.

Kim Hye Soo explained the situation by leaving a message that reads, “I didn’t make him kneel. Our director said it was comfortable sitting in that posture.”

Fans commented under the post: 

  • “If I were sitting in front of Kim Hye Soo, that posture would be comfortable for me too”
  • “The queen who got even the director kneeled down for her.” 
  • “I’m looking forward to the drama” 
  • “The expression was so serious that I almost misunderstood without the hashtags” 
  • “Look at the class of a top actress” 
  • “Kim Hye Soo’s charisma is the best”
  • “I would kneel in front of you willingly.”

Meanwhile, Kim Hye Soo takes on the role of Im Hwa Ryung, a queen who enters into a fierce royal education war for her sons, troublesome princes in tvN’s new historical drama “The Queen’s Umbrella”. It will premiere on October 15th.

Source: Kbz


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