Again My Life (Korean: 어게인 마이 라이프; RR: Eogein Mai Laipeu) is a 2022 South Korean television series starring Lee Joon-gi, Lee Geung-young, Kim Ji-eun and Jung Sang-hoon.


DIRECTOR – Han Chul-soo, Kim Yong-min



GENRE – Fantasy, Action

RELEASE DATE – April 8 –
May 28, 2022


COUNTRY – South Korea





Kim Hee-Woo (Lee Joon-Gi) while growing up in high school ranks the bottom of the school in grades but still struggled, through hard work and persistent gained admission into the university and eventually passed his bar exam.

His relentless hard work has finally paid dividends, and he has become a public prosecutor. During the course of his investigations of possible corruption related to a politician named Jo Tae-Seob (Lee Kyoung-Young, a mysterious man kills him.


But, Kim Hee-Woo wakes up and finds himself alive again. Restored to the mortal realm, he finds that he must return to university and complete his academic journey again.

As he relives his own past, he lays a carefully-plotted trap in order to prevent his untimely death and the crimes around it from occurring a second time.



A resilient and determined prosecutor.

A corrupt politician who runs his own crime cartel.

The youngest daughter of the chairman of conglomerate Cheonha Group. She is an intelligent and kind-hearted student, who later fell for Hee-woo after befriending him.

Hee-woo’s law school senior and friend. He is a former medical student who first transferred to the arts, then music and finally, to law school.


Supporting Cast

People at the Prosecutors’ Office

  • Choi Kwang-il as Kim Seok-hoon

A corrupt prosecutor who is set to become the attorney general, and serves under Tae-sub. He is Han-mi’s biological father but treats her coldly and disdainfully.

Hee-woo’s friend from law school who later becomes his ally against Tae-sub.

  • Kim Hyung-mook as Jang Il-hyun

An ambitious but greedy prosecutor who is Hee-woo’s law school senior.

  • Na In-gyu as Oh Min-guk

An investigator.

  • Kim Chul-gi as Jeon Seok-gyu

A chief prosecutor who is demoted for his investigation of the corrupted higher-ups; he later became Hee-woo’s ally.

  • Kim Young-jo as Ji Seong-ho

A prosecutor who is Seok-gyu’s junior and later becomes one of Hee-woo’s trusted allies.

A prosecutor who is an unscrupulous and corrupt character behind his clean and upright image.

  • Lee Kyung-min as Goo Seung-hyuk

A hot-blooded and passionate prosecutor who is Hee-woo’s partner from the training institute, and Kyu-ri’s junior.


People around Hee-woo

A former delinquent and friend of Hee-woo, who eventually becomes a reporter and assists Hee-woo in his fight against corrupt officials. She is Seok-hoon’s illegitimate child but is treated coldly by him.

Hee-woo’s father, who died in an unsolved car accident fifteen years ago in the original timeline.

Hee-woo’s mother, who died in an unsolved car accident fifteen years ago in the original timeline.

  • Ji Chan as Park Sang-man

A high school student who later became Hee-woo’s ally. In the original timeline, Hee-woo helps re-open the case of Sang-man’s father, who was wrongfully sent to jail for murder.

  • Joo Woo as Kang Sung-jae

A martial artist.

  • Lee Jae-woo as Kang Min-seok

An upright and righteous lawyer who is the brother of Hee-woo’s high school teacher.

Hee-woo’s strong assistant.

A rich businessman who mentors Hee-woo regarding real estate investments.

An upright and incorruptible congressman who is Tae-sub’s political enemy.


People around Tae-sub

Tae-sub’s secretary. She is actually a Grim Reaper who, at Hee-woo’s death, helps resurrect him and send him back to fifteen years in his past for a second chance to bring Tae-sub to justice once and for all.

  • Jeon Kook-hwan as Kim Gun-young

Hee-ah’s father who is the chairman of Cheonha Group.

Tae-sub’s lackey who is loyal to him and is likewise cold-hearted and corrupt.

  • Hyun Woo-sung as Dr. K

A hired assassin who helps Tae-sub to kill any people who get into his way.He was revealed to be Ji-hyun’s brother but he has no memory of her as a result of a fire orchestrated by Tae-sub.

  • Hyun Bong-sik as Park Dae-ho

A banker who assists Tae-sub in managing his corruption funds.



  • Jeon Seung-bin as Kim Yong-jun

Gun-young’s eldest son and Hee-ah’s older brother.

  • Moon Jeong-gi as Kim Seong-jun

Gun-young’s youngest son and Hee-ah’s younger brother.

  • Jo Sung-won as Park Jin-hyuk

Hee-ah’s loyal bodyguard. His real name is Park Jong-hyuk and was a former special agent who continues to use his alias Park Jin-hyuk while working under Hee-ah.



  • Kim Do-kyung as Moon Sung-hwan

Hee-woo’s friend who is an app developer.

  • Han Ki-chan as Kim Young-il

Seok-hoon’s son.

  • Joo Sae-byeok as Do Ah-jin

A croupier.

  • Park Na-eun as Sung Jin-mi

Il-hyun’s girlfriend who is a famous musician and the chairman of an arts foundation.

  • Heo Hyun-do as Lee Joo-suk

A medical student who was wrongfully accused of murdering his pregnant girlfriend.

A lobbyist.

  • Han Dam-hee


Special appearances

Chairman of Jiwang Group who plans to build her business and political empire.

A violent and corrupt lawyer who was Chun’s ally.


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