My Happy Ending(K-drama)


My Happy Ending (Korean: 나의 해피엔드) is an ongoing South Korean television series starring Jang Na-ra, Son Ho-jun, So Yi-hyun, Lee Ki-taek, Kim Hong-pa, and Park Ho-san. 


DIRECTOR– Jo Soo-won, Kim Sang-hoon

WRITTEN BY– Baek Seon-he


GENRE– psychological, mystery, thriller


COUNTRY– South Korea


RELEASE DATE– December 30, 2023 – February 18, 2024


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The series tells the story of a woman who chases after success due to her unfortunate childhood, and tries to escape from her desires and obsessions.

Seo Jae-Won (Jang Na-Ra) is fortunate to have a near perfect personal and work life. She is the CEO of a furniture company that has millions of dollars in sales annually and she is also a social media influencer with over a million followers.


She scouts a designer, Yoon Te-O (Lee Ki-Taek), to become the general manager of design at her company. In her personal life, Seo Jae-Won has her beloved husband Heo Soon-Young (Son Ho-Jun) and their lovely child. Heo Soon-Young works as a freelancer designer and a professor in industrial design.

He is a warm-hearted person who hardly ever burst out in an anger. After their marriage, Heo Soon-Young prioritizes his family over everything else. Meanwhile, Kwon Yoo-Jin (So E-Hyun) graduated in the same art department of university as Seo Jae-Won.


She is experiencing a difficult time with her divorce and her art career is quickly fading away. After she reconnects with Seo Jae-Won, she becomes jealous of her near perfect life. Seo Jae-Won’s life soon changes. She is betrayed by people who she trusts and she faces secrets that people around her hides.

Main Cast

  • the self-made CEO of a home furniture brand named Drev.
  • Son Ho-jun as Heo Soon-young:
  • Jae-won’s art school classmate and an assistant professor at an art school.
  • Lee Ki-taek as Yoon Te-oh / Theo Harris:
  • Jae-won’s closest and long-time colleague who is the head of the design team at Drev.
  • Kim Hong-pa as Seo Chang-seok: Jae-won’s stepfather.
  • Park Ho-san as Nam Tae-joo:
  • an insurance investigator and a former homicide detective.

Supporting Cast

Jae-won’s family

  • Kang Ji-eun as Jung Mi-hyang: Jae-won’s mother.
  • Choi So-yul as Heo A-rin: Jae-won and Soon-young’s daughter.

Drev employees

  • Oh Hyun-joong as Baek Seung-gyu: member of the design team.
  • TBA as Kim Seong-hee: Jae-won’s secretary.
  • TBA as Director Park: the director of Drev.
  • TBA as Team Leader Yoo: IT development team leader.


People around Jae-won

  • Lim Seon-wu as Jo Soo-kyung: a neuropsychiatrist.
  • TBA as Reporter Choi: a journalist.

Te-oh’s family

  • TBA as Rachel Harris: Te-oh’s younger sister.

Yoon-jin’s family

  • Kim Myung-soo as Kwon Young-ik: Yoon-jin’s father who is the chairman of an arts scholarship foundation.

Extended Cast

  • Jung Jin-woo as Detective Lee



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