Bulgasal: Immortal Souls[10] (Korean: 불가살; Hanja: 不可殺; RR: Bulgasal; lit. Immortal) is a South Korean television series starring Lee Jin-wook, Kwon Nara, Lee Joon, Gong Seung-yeon, Jung Jin-young, Park Myung-shin and Kim Woo-seok.

DIRECTOR – Jang Young-woo

WRITTEN BY – Kwon So-ra, Seo Jae-won


GENRE – Fantasy, Thriller, Historical Drama

RELEASE DATE – December 18, 2021 –
February 6, 2022


COUNTRY– South Korea




This drama, follows the story of a man Lee Jin- Wook (Dan Hwal) who was abandoned by his father after his mother died and seen as unlucky because he was born with Bulgasal’s curse.

He grows up to become a warrior who kills monster but was defeated by Bulgasal Kwon Nara (Min Sang-woon) who stole his soul to be human turning him into a Bulgasal, a mythical being that feeds off human blood making him immortal and cannot be killed.

Since that day, Dan Hwal has been searching for the Bulgasal (Min Sang- woon) who has been incarnated for 600 years to get his soul back. After some years, Dan Hwal finds her again, and a series of unprecedented events start happening in both Hwal and Sang woon’s lives.

As the mystery unfolds, everyone from Hwal’s past life starts appearing.


  • Lee Jin-wook as Dan Hwal
    • Lee Joo-wan as young Dan Hwal

A man who used to be a human, but becomes an immortal during the Joseon dynasty while working as a military official and carrying out a task to erase the remnants of the previous dynasty.

  • Kwon Nara as Min Sang-woon / Kim Hwa-yeon
    • Han Seo-jin as young Min Sang-woon / Min Sang-yeon

A woman who used to be an immortal, but goes through a tragic event that turns her into a human.

Another immortal, commonly known as the “Dark Hole”, living in secrecy who enjoys his eternal life, as well as his wealth and power.

  1. Dan Sol: Dan Hwal’s past wife who is the daughter of a powerful family.
  2. Min Si-ho: Dan Sol’s reincarnation who is Min Sang-woon’s younger sister.
  1. Dan Geuk: Dan Sol’s father who is a powerful general.
  2. Kwon Ho-yeol: Dan Geuk’s reincarnation who is a former detective.
  • Park Myung-shin as a shaman / Hye-suk
  1. A shaman who lived 600 years ago.
  2. Hye-suk: the shaman’s reincarnation who always helps Dan Hwal.

A high school student who follows Dan Hwal around like a puppy. He works for Ok Eul-tae. He is later revealed to be the reincarnation of Dan Hwal’s son.

Supporting Cast

  • Han Dong-kyu as Goo-bong, a resident of a village who lives a rough life due to bulgasal.
  • Park Joo-hwan as Dan Ah-chan, Dan Hwal and Dan Sol’s son.
  • Han Seong-soo as Jo Ma-gu, a ghost with a strong appetite who even devours human corpses.
  • Lee Kyu-ho as Du Eok-si-ni
  • Oh Yu-jin as Kim Go-bun, Kim Hwa-yeon’s younger sister.

Special appearances

  • Lee Jin-hee as Sang Un-mo, Min Sang-woon’s mother.
  • Kim Tae-baek as Kim Sang-hui’s husband.

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