Top 10 Best Romance K-Dramas to watch 2024



The year’s best romance K-dramas are still being determined by viewers. Here’s a look at some of the most popular contenders that have captured hearts so far:                                                                                                                                                                            Lovely Runner (ラブリーランナー, Rabu Rirannā):

This fantasy rom-com takes viewers to a world where emotions fuel supernatural abilities. Ryu Sun-Jae portrays a marathon runner who loses his emotions, while Im Sol plays a woman who can hear others’ feelings.

Their paths collide as they navigate a world where emotions are both a blessing and a curse. Im Sol, who attempts to save her celebrity crush, Ryu Sun-Jae, from inevitable death. As they transverse between time, oscillating between 2008 and 2023, both fall in love and create one of the greatest, most intricate romance

2. Queen of Tears (涙の女王, Namida no Joō):

This melodrama is driven by the ever-magnetic Kim Soo-hyun. The drama delves into the story of a powerful woman who experiences a heartbreaking fall from grace and seeks revenge.

Expect high emotional stakes and captivating performances,as the leads struggle through their rocky marriage, the two miraculously begin to find love again, fighting against all odds to stay with each other. With everything from love triangles to terminal illnesses.

3. Wedding Impossible (結婚不可能, Kekkon Fukanō)

Adds a dash of comedy to the romance genre. A workaholic CEO, a talented wedding planner, and a charming celebrity chef become entangled in a hilarious love triangle.

4. Marry My Husband (私の夫と結婚してください, Watashi no Otto to Kekkon Shitekudasai)

Offers a unique twist on love and second chances. A woman who is murdered by her cheating husband is reincarnated 10 years in the past. Armed with this knowledge, she sets out to change her fate and find true love.

5. Captivating the King (王様を魅了する, Ōsama o Miryū Suru)

This drama whisks viewers back to the Joseon Dynasty for a historical romance. A talented woman with dreams of becoming the first female royal inspector encounters a mysterious king.

6. The Atypical Family (非典型な家族, Hikiteikeina Kazoku)

The drama blends superhero themes with family life in a heartwarming rom-com. This drama follows a family with special abilities who are struggling to maintain their powers as negativity in the modern world threatens to weaken them.

7. The Midnight Romance in Hagwon (ハゴンの真夜中のロマンス, Haggon no Mayonaka no Romansu)

Offers a more grounded romance. A radio DJ and a veterinarian find love and connection in this relatable rom-com.

8. Doctor Slump (ドクタースランプ, Dokutā Suranpu)

The drama throws sparks in the medical field. Two former school rivals who are both now brilliant doctors reunite and find comfort and support in each other as they navigate the demanding world of medicine.

9. Missing Crown Prince (失われた王太子, Ushinawareta Ōtaishi)

This drama adds humor to historical romance. Set in the Joseon Dynasty, this lighthearted drama tells the story of a crown prince who finds himself being bossed around by a strong-willed woman who is about to become the princess.

10. Love Song for Illusion (幻想のための恋の歌, Gensō no tame no Koi no Uta)

A historical fantasy romance with a twist. A man with two contrasting personalities falls for a determined woman. This intriguing drama explores love, identity, and defying expectations.

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