Captivating The King(K-drama)


Captivating the King (Korean: 세작, 매혹된 자들) is an upcoming South Korean television series starring Jo Jung-suk, Shin Se-kyung, and Lee Shin-young. It will be broadcast on tvN every Saturday and Sunday at 21:20 (KST), after premiering the first two episodes consecutively on January 21, 2024

DIRECTOR– Jo Nam-guk

WRITTEN BY– Kim Seon-deok


GENRE– Melodrama, periodic, Romance


COUNTRY– South Korea


RELEASE DATE– January 21, 2024



Credit: Netflix trailer youtube


The series depicts the cruel love story of Yi In, a miserable king who has no one around him that he can trust and is in danger of both royal and political power struggles, and Kang Hee-soo, who tries to deceive him for revenge but ends up falling in love with him.

Lee In (Cho Jung-Seok) is a prince. His older brother is King Lee Sun, who cares about him a lot. Vowing loyalty to his older brother, Lee In is taken hostage by the Qing Dynasty. King Lee Sun soon views his younger brother’s loyalty as betrayal and begins to hate him.

Lee In endures deep emotional pain because of this. Lee In then meets an unknown baduk player who wagers on her games. He is completely fascinated by the baduk player. Through circumstances, Lee In becomes the king. He holds the highest position and is a strong person, but he is sad and weak internally.

When Kang Hee-Soo (Shin Se-Kyung) was gaining fame as an unknown baduk player, she met Prince Lee In and fell in love with him. Through a vortex of fate, she becomes a spy. She approaches King Lee In to get her revenge


  1. Kang Hee-soo: a woman who disguises herself as a man and becomes a spy to take revenge.
  2. Kang Mong-woo: a baduk player who later becomes Yi In’s close friend.

  • a nobleman who is good at both archery and swordsmanship


Important characters

Yi In’s people

Kang Hee-soo’s people

  • Na Hyun-woo as Chu Dal-ha: Kang Hee-soo’s assistant who is a former military officer.
  • Song Sang-eun as Ja Geun-nyeon: Kang Hee-soo’s friend and servant.
  • Han Dong-hee as Hong-jang: and Kang Hee-soo’s friend and Yoo Hyun-bo’s sister who is a courtesan.
  • Jung Seok-yong as Se-dong: a spy who has pure and upright personality.
  • TBA as Jeom Yi-ne: Se-dong’s wife who is a spy.
  • Kim Bo-yoon as Bun-young: an assistant court lady and a spy.
  • TBA as Kim Je-nam: Kang Hang-sun’s old friend who is a former high-ranking local government official.

Royal family

  • Jang Young-nam as Royal Queen Dowager Park: Yi In’s biological mother.
  • TBA as Royal Princess Jangryeong: eldest daughter of the late king Yi Seon and Yi In’s nephew.
  • TBA as Grand Prince Moonseong: son of the late king Yi Seon and Yi In’s nephew.
  • Ha Seo-yoon as Queen Oh: Yi In’s wife.
  • Jeon Su-ji as Court Lady Han: Royal Queen Dowager Park’s lady-in-waiting

Members of the court

  • Um Hyo-sup as Oh Wook-hwan: Queen Oh’s father.
  • Baek Seok-gwang as Min Ji-hwan: Park Jong-hwan’s right-hand man.
  • Kim Seo-ha as Min Sang-hyo: Kim Myung-ha’s friend and Min Ji-hwan’s younger brother.
  • TBA as Jung Je-pyo: a Qing Dynasty official who serves as an interpreter.





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