The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract(2023)


The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract (Korean: 열녀 박씨 계약 결혼뎐) is an upcoming South Korean television series starring Lee Se-young, Bae In-hyuk, Joo Hyun-young, Yoo Seon-ho, and Jo Bok-rae.


DIRECTOR– Park Sang-hoon

WRITTEN BY– Go Nam-jeong


GENRE– Romance, Comedy


COUNTRY– South Korea


RELEASE DATE– November 2023


credit: kdrama trailers youtube


After being thrown down a well by an unknown assailant, Park Yeon-woo (Lee Se-young), a young woman from Confucian Joseon, finds herself transported 200 years into the future to the present day.

During the 19th century on the night of her wedding day, Park Yeon-Woo’s husband tells her he has suffered from a heart disease for a long time and apologizes. He spits out blood and dies.


She is devastated by her current situation. Making matters worse, Park Yeon-Woo gets kidnapped by a man and is thrown into a well. The next moment, she opens her eyes and sees her husband in front of her. She is now in present day Seoul, South Korea.

The man who saves her from the swimming pool is Kang Tae-Ha . He is the successor of SH Seoul Corporation. He doesn’t mind opening himself up to others due to his heart disease and trauma that he suffered from in his childhood.

He is a logical person and not interested in having a romantic relationship, but his ill grandfather tells him that he wishes to see his wedding before he dies. Kang Tae-Ha asks Park Yeon-Woo, who he saved, to enter into a contract marriage



A recently-widowed young woman from the Confucian Joseon era who time-travels to the year 2023. She is a greatest princess in Hanyang and Tae-ha’s fake bride.

A standoffish man who prioritizes logic over emotions and a potential successor to SH Group.

Yeon-woo’s handmaid and best friend, she is talkative, reckless, and has a good sense of humor.

Tae-ha’s half-brother, a famous celebrity with a comical personality.

  • Jo Bok-rae as Hong Seong-pyo

Tae-ha’s secretary.


Supporting Cast

Tae-ha’s family

Tae-ha’s stepmother and Tae-min’s biological mother who is a representative of SH Seoul. She is a greedy person who has to have everything she wants and who ruthlessly cuts off anything that harms her.

Chairman of SH Group and Tae-ha’s grandfather.

  • Son So-mang as Kang Hae-ryeong

Chairman Kang’s youngest daughter and Tae-ha’s aunt.

  • Jung Si-yul as Lee Seo-jun

Hae-ryeong’s son.

SH employees

Director of SH Seoul and Hye-suk’s right hand man.

  • Kwon Ah-reum as Yoo Ha-na

An assistant manager of SH Seoul’s marketing team.

  • Jung Shi-ah as Oh Hyun-jung

SH Seoul’s marketing team leader.

A new member of SH Seoul’s marketing team.



Representative of the hanbok brand “Midam”.

  • Park Yeon-woo as Do Yun-jae

Manager and chief designer of Midam.


A mysterious guardian deity who watches over Yeon-woo.

  • Oh Yu-jin as Hong Na-rae

A job seeker with a positive personality, she teaches Park Yeon-woo, who came from Joseon, how to adapt to the “new Joseon”

  • Kim Jung-don as Choi Hyun-wook

A talented cardiac surgery professor.

Extended Cast

  • Choi Go-yun as Secretary Choi

Min Hye-suk’s secretary.


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