D.O ranks one of the best idol-actor in Korea with his ability to impress viewers has earned for himself a Blue Dragon Film Awards 



Do Kyung-soo is ranked among the capable actors from his debut drama. 

While the Korean entertainment industry sees no little idols crossing into acting, D.O. (Do Kyung-soo) (EXO) is a rare face who was not criticized for being incapable, but able to impress viewers for his surprisingly good acting. Currently, D.O. was one of a few idol turned actors that actually won awards from the prestigious Baeksang Arts Awards and Blue Dragon Film Awards. The actor was also nominated at the Grand Bell Awards. Combined with other minor awards, his total award count is now more than 20, despite his still growing filmography. 


Some of D.O. ‘s notable works include “My Annoying Brother”, “Pure Love”, “Hello Monster”, “100 Days My Prince” and “Be Positive”. Despite his young and innocent face, Kyung-soo does not limit himself to a stereotypical role. He has attempted different characters and has been able to leave an impression with each of them. 

In “My Annoying Brother”, he transformed into an isolated judo athlete who is losing his sight. In “Hello Monster”, he haunted viewers as a handsome, merciless killer, Lee Joon Youn. With his first lead role in “100 Days My Prince”, Kyung-soo pulled off a strong image in traditional clothing and perfect acting performance of a Prince. D.O. was able to establish himself as an actor, going through smaller roles to bigger ones and not using his reputation to go for a major role at first attempt. 

In the past years, D.O. has not had any new film projects due to his military service and many group scheduled activities. However, the actor is having a comeback this October with television series “Bad Prosecutor ”, putting an end to his halt. This time around, D.O. plays a prosecutor called Jin Jun with a striking image and bad attitude. To fight evil, he  relies on trickery that is not up to the standard of a prosecutor. Smart and crazy, Jin Jung protects the weak according to his own sense of justice. 

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