Love Alarm (Korean: 좋아하면 울리는; RR: Joh-ahamyeon ullineun) is a South Korean streaming television series starring Kim So-hyun, Jung Ga-ram, and Song Kang.

DIRECTOR – Lee Na-jung, Kim Jin-woo, Park Yoo-young

WRITTEN BY – Seo Bo-ra, Lee Ah-yeon, Cha Yeon-soo, Kim Seo-hee, Kwon Ji-young

GENRE – Romance


RELEASE DATE – August 22, 2019 –
March 12, 2021

COUNTRY – South Korea


NETWORK – Netflix





In a world where an app alerts people if someone in the vicinity likes them, Kim Jojo experiences young love while coping with personal adversities.

Kim Jo-Jo (Kim So-Hyun) is a beautiful and hardworking high school student despite her parents died when she was young. Since the death of her parents,she has lived with aunt’s family.

Meanwhile, Hwang Sun-Oh is a popular male student at the same high school where Kim Jo-Jo attends. He grew up as an only child in a rich, but uncaring family with lots of problems. His best friend Lee Hye-Young also attends the same high school.

Hwang Sun-Oh notices that his best friend Lee Hye-Young who is also the only child of a domestic helper working at his house likes Kim Jo-Jo and wanted to be sure if his friend really likes her, he kisses her.


  • Kim So-hyun as Kim Jo-jo, a beautiful and hardworking high school student who is bright and cheerful despite her family’s painful history.

  • Jung Ga-ram as Lee Hye-yeong, a hardworking high school student who also likes Jo-jo and is the childhood friend of Sun-Oh. He is the only child of a domestic helper working at Sun-oh’s house.

  • Song Kang as Hwang Sun-oh, a handsome model and high school student who grew up as an only child in a rich, but uncaring family with lots of problems. He falls in love with Kim Jo-jo.


  • Go Min-si as Park Gul-mi, Jo-jo’s selfish, egotistic cousin. She is a popular girl at school who likes Sun-oh but is asked out by Cheon Duk-gu, developing hatred for him. She also became jealous of Jo-jo at one point.She gradually matures and becomes more empathetic in the latter half of Season 2.
  • Lee Jae-eung as Cheon Duk-gu, developer of the Love Alarm application.
  • Song Seon-mi as Jeong Mi-mi, a popular actress who has a distant relationship with her son Sun-oh.
  • Shim Yi-young as Bae Kyung-hee, Hye-yeong’s loving and caring mother.
  • Kim Young-pil as Hwang Jae-cheol
  • Park Sung-yeon as Jojo’s aunt and Gul-mi’s mother.
  • Yoon Na-moo as Kim Min-jae
  • Shin Seung-ho as Jang Il-sik, a vibrant judo student and Jo-jo’s ex-boyfriend.
  • Ji Hye-ra as Kim Jang-go, Jo-jo’s best friend. She secretly likes Il-sik. She and Jo-jo eventually drift apart.
  • Kim Ye-ji as Sung Ji-yeon
  • Kim Young-ok as Jo-jo’s grandmother.
  • Choi Joo-won as Choi Joo-won, Sun-oh’s playful and energetic high school classmate.
  • Yeom Ji-young as Jo-jo’s mother.
  • Song Geon-hee as Marx, a popular idol star.
  • Kim Si-eun as Lee Yuk-jo, Sun-Oh’s new girlfriend.
  • Jo Yoo-jung as Mon Sun, Jo-jo’s wedding hall co-worker.
  • Bae Da-bin as Lee Wei-ju, Jo-jo’s best friend
  • Yoo In-soo as Student
  • Ham Sung-min as Bullied student
  • Bigman as OST Singer (Cameo; Season 1 episode 5)
  • Ki Do-hoon as Brian Cheon, developer of Love Alarm (Season 2) 
  • Yoon Dong-hwan as Lee Gang-rae, Hye-yeong’s father who was serving life imprisonment for murder and currently pending a review for parole. (Cameo; Season 2 episode 2)

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