Maestra: Strings of Truth(kdrama series)


Maestra: Strings of Truth (Korean: 마에스트라) is an ongoing South Korean television series starring Lee Young-ae, Lee Moo-saeng, Kim Young-jae, and Hwang Bo-reum-byeol. 


DIRECTOR- Kim Jung-kwon

WRITTEN BY- Choi Yi-yoon, Hong Jung-hee

GENRE- Mystery, thriller, music


RUN TIME- Sat. & Sun. 21:20


COUNTRY- South Korea


RELEASE DATE- December 9, 2023 – January 14, 2024


credit: Disnep+ YouTube trailer


The series is about a secretive female conductor who faces the truth surrounding her by digging into the mysterious incidents that happen within her orchestra.

Cha Se-Eum (Lee Young-Ae) used to be a violinist, but she is now a conductor of an orchestra. She has pursued her career boldly and with passion.


She is now in a position where others are envious. What others don’t know is that Cha Se-Eum carries a secret. That secret will shake her life.

Meanwhile, mysterious cases take place within her orchestra. Cha Se-Eum looks into the cases and approaches the truth surrounding her.

Main Cast

  • a former violinist and a world-renowned conductor of an orchestra named The Hangang Philharmonic, who fascinates performers and audience members with her bold and determined personality.
    • Woo Da-bi as young Cha Se-eum
  • Lee Moo-saeng as Yoo Jung-jae:
  • Se-eum’s ex-lover who is an investment tycoon and the chairman of UC Financial.


  • Se-eum’s overly dependent husband who seems to be affectionate and considerate, but feels inferior to his wife due to her success.
    • Jin Geon-woo as young Kim Pil

Supporting Cast

People around Cha Se-eum

  • Jung Dong-hwan as Cha Ki-baek: Se-eum’s father who is a musical instrument maker.
  • Ye Soo-jung as Bae Jeong-hwa: Se-eum’s mother who is a former violinist.
  • Kim Young-ah as Lee Hye-jeong: best friend and workshop manager of Se-eum.
  • Kang Ji-eun as Woo Young-seon: Jeong-hwa’s doctor.


People around Yoo Jung-jae

  • Choi Yun-so as Go Yu-ra: the director of KVN Broadcasting Station and Jung-jae’s ex-wife.
  • Kim Hyun-jun as Go Han-gil: Jung-jae’s long-time friend and Yu-ra’s older brother.
  • TBA as Secretary Park: Jung-jae’s secretary.

The Hangang Philharmonic

  • Park Ho-san as Jeon Sang-do: the cheerful and quick-witted CEO of The Hangang Philharmonic.
  • Yang Jun-mo as Ma Yo-seop: a timpanist and the orchestra’s union leader.
  • Jin Ho-eun as Kim Bong-ju: the principal oboist.
  • Lee Jung-yeol as Park Jae-man: a concertmaster and the oldest member of The Hangang Philharmonic.
  • Lee Si-won as Lee Ah-jin: a horn player.


  • Kim Min-kyu as Kim Tae-ho: Se-eum’s secretary and her long-time fan.
  • Jin So-yeon as Kwon Su-jin: an associate concertmaster.
  • TBA as Heo Young-mi: the principal second violinist.
  • TBA as Shin Ji-ae: assistant principal second violinist.
  • Han Jin-hee as Kang In-han: the principal
  • first violinist.
  • Hwang Geon as Novaha: the principal cellist.
  • Lee Byung-joon as Oh Hyun-seok: the assistant conductor.
  • Lim Se-joo as Chief Hwang: Sang-do’s secretary.


  • TBA as Lee Hae-na: Ru-na’s older sister.
  • TBA as Chu Dong-sik: a detective.
  • TBA as Baek Joo-won: a detective.

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