Military Prosecutor Doberman (Korean: 군검사 도베르만; RR: Gungeomsa Dobereuman) is a South Korean television series starring Ahn Bo-hyun and Jo Bo-ah. 


DIRECTOR– Jin Chang-gyu

WRITTEN BY- Yoon Hyun-mo

GENRE- Military, Legal


COUNTRY- South Korea



RELEASE DATE- Feb.28- April 26 2022



Credit: Viu trailer


Do Bae-Man (Ahn Bo-Hyun) became a military prosecutor to find success and wealth. His job is just a means for him to find success and he looks forward to quitting his job as a military prosecutor.

Cha Woo-In (Jo Bo-Ah) comes from a wealthy chaebol family and she works as rookie military prosecutor. She is confident and does not fear powerful people. She has excellent investigation skills for someone her age. Cha Woo-In also became a military prosecutor to seek revenge.


Do Bae-Man & Cha Woo-In begin to work together as they break down evils in the military. During this time, Do Bae-Man grows into a real military prosecutor.


A military prosecutor who tried to avoid military service by getting expelled from his high school after the death of his parents. Despite that, he is able to graduate and goes on to become a lawyer. However, his job applications are all rejected by multiple law firms. His determination and intelligence catches the attention of a corrupt lawyer called Yong Moon-goo who offers him a job in his law firm on condition that he first work as a military prosecutor for five years.


A new military prosecutor who is the only daughter of a conglomerate. She presents herself as a by the book military lawyer, but she is actually highly skilled in the martial arts, which she tries not to reveal. She seeks to use Do Bae-man for her plan to get revenge for the destruction of her father’s company when it is framed for corruption and then acquired at a knockdown price by a client of Yong Moon-goo. The corruption charge led to her father’s arrest; he died shortly afterward.

The first female division commander since the founding of the army who beats out competition from a hundred male soldiers who wanted her place. She behaves harshly toward her son, Noh Tae-nam, especially when he misbehaves and disgraces her name, and inflicts traumatizing punishment on him, such as asking him to hold a live grenade. She was also responsible for the death of Bae-man’s parents, Woo-in’s father’s accident and other crimes. She is the main antagonist of the series. She was later exposed for corruption, and sentenced to death for multiple murders and other crimes.


A lawyer and former prosecutor from a special division. He works for Commander Noh by keeping her reputation as the highest woman in the military as clean as possible. He also reports to her on Noh Tae-man’s misbehavior so she can directly punish him. He was later jailed for being Hwa-young’s accomplice in her criminal acts.

  • Kim Woo-suk as Noh Tae-nam

Son of Noh Hwa-young and also a third-generation chaebol who becomes the chairman of a leading conglomerate in his late 20s. He also owns a bar named Cartel, where he and a celebrity singer named Allen regularly invite women whom they drug, sexually assault and rape while videotaping them. Even though he acts tough when committing crimes, he is deeply frightened of his mother and mandatory military service. Due to relentless bullying while in the military, he slowly matured and realise the error of his ways, as well as his mother’s. He was close to his pet dog “Bolt”, whom he treated with affection and compassion.




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