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Adamas (Korean: 아다마스; RR: Adamaseu) is a South Korean television series starring Ji Sung, Seo Ji-hye, and Lee Soo-kyung.


  • Ji Sung as Ha Woo-shin / Song Soo-hyun

Supporting Cast

People around Ha Woo-shin

  • Heo Sung-tae as Choi Tae-seong (Chief Choi)
  • Lee Geung-young as Kwon Jae-yoo
  • Hwang Jung-min as Butler serving as President Kwon
  • Seo Hyun-woo as Kwon Hyun-jo
  • Lee Si-won as Secretary Yoon
  • Shin Hyeon-seung as Lee Dong-rim
  • Woo Hyun-joo as Mrs. Oh
  • Go Yoon as Park Yo-won
  • Choi Chan-ho as Kim Yo-won

People of Team A

  • Oh Dae-hwan as Leader of Team A
  • Park Hye-eun as Ace Sun
  • Lee Ho-cheol as Section Chief Jung
  • Jo Dong-in as Chief Lee

Special Investigation Headquarters


  • Jo Sung-ha as Lee Chang-woo
  • Jo Hyun-woo as Song Soon-ho
  • Lee Do-yeop as A mysterious man who watches Song Soo-hyun.
  • Jo Han-joon as The repairman came to fix Soo-hyun’s bathroom.

Special appearances

  • Ahn Bo-hyun as Kwon Min-jo
  • Ko Kyu-pil as Gong Dae-chul, Head of the Special Division of the Jungam District Attorney’s Office


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