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Rain’s And Jo Jung Suk’s Agencies speaks on Strong Legal Action Against False Rumors

The agencies of Rain and Jon Jung Suk will be responding strongly against false rumors.

Recently, a magazine spread rumors that two multi-talented top stars were having affairs with professional female golfers, and netizens speculated the stars to be Rain and Jo Jung Suk. Rain is currently married to actress Kim Tae Hee, while Jo Jung Suk is married to singer Gummy.

Rain’s and Jo Jung Suk’s agencies firmly denied the rumors and also announced plans to take legal action.

The full statement from Rain’s agency reads as follows:

Hello, this is RAINCOMPANY.

Our company was aware of rumors and allegations circulating about our artist, but we decided that an official statement was not necessary as it was groundless false information not worthy of any response.

However, as the rumors began to spread rapidly yesterday and today, personal attacks and harassment have been directed to not only our artist but his family as well. Thus, we determined that it is difficult for us to overlook this matter any longer, and would like to express our stance.

We think that [our artists’] dignity and human rights should be protected as they are human beings first and foremost before they are public figures.

We additionally contacted the media outlet that first reported the rumor along with initials to ask if the mentioned celebrity is our artist, and we received confirmation that the mentioned initials do not refer to an artist that is affiliated with our company.


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