MOVIE NAME: Salvation

DIRECTOR: Lee Chang- Moo

RELEASE DATE: 24th August 2021

GENRE: Crime, Adventure, Action

RUNNING TIME: 1hr 44 minutes

COUNTRY: South Korea

LANGUAGE: Korean( Engsub)



Salvation(2021) is the story of a prostitute named Jin Soon, who dead as a result of hiding from a brothel pimp,Dal Soo who she stole one billon won from.

Dal Soo, the brothel pimp contacted detective Seok Jae to confirm the rumored death of Jin Soon the prostitute, Seok Jae heads to a cold riverbed in miryang, Gyeongsangnam province where Jim Sook had dead.

Detective Lim in the miryang province investigated that Jin Soon committed suicide, but a coffee shop waitress Chun Ja, who find the body said that Jin Sook wouldn’t have committed suicide.

During the process of investigating detective Seok Jae, learns of a prayer house seongrimwon, he got into an accident when visiting the place. The detective wake up at the prayer house and begins to dig into the secret of the place.

Eventually Seok Jae finds out that the people who worship there prepare to kill themselves in the hope of salvation.


Jang Jae- Hee

Kim Dae- Gun

Kim Jung- Pae

Kim Kyung- Ryong

Ko Kwan- Jae

Lee Gun- Rok

Lee Sang- in


This Korean drama centers on the death of a prostitute Jin Sook, who took the detective into the process of investigating and finding out the prayer house, will the detective find the real cause of her death? and vindicate the people worshipping in the prayer house….to find out more watch this drama it’s very interesting and Entertaining for Korean movie lovers.

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