Seoul International Drama Awards 2023: The Winners


The winners of the Seoul International Drama Awards 2023 have been announced!

The Seoul International Drama Awards, which celebrated its 18th anniversary this year, is an annual international drama festival that celebrates dramas from around the world.


Hosted by Jun Hyun Moo and Lee Se Young, this year’s Seoul International Drama Awards took place on September 21 at 6 p.m. KST at the KBS Hall in Seoul. Hitting a record-high, a total of 344 dramas from 44 countries were submitted, and the awards including Grand Prize and Golden Bird Prize were given to 11 dramas and 15 individuals.

First, the Grand Prize in the international competition category went to the French drama “The Fragile Colossus.” Director Stéphanie Murat and writer Aude Marcle won the Best Director and Best Writer awards, respectively, giving “The Fragile Colossus” the honor of winning three awards.

“Big Bet” and its lead actor Choi Min Sik won the Golden Bird Prize for the Program and Individual categories, respectively.

Lee Sung Min of “Reborn Rich” won Outstanding Korean Actor in the Korean Drama Competition category.

Suzy of “Anna” won Best Actress in the International Competition category.

Check out the full list of winners below:

International Competition

Grand Prize: “The Fragile Colossus” (France)
Best TV Movie:
 “Mayflies” (U.K.), “Belascoarán PI” (Mexico)
Best Miniseries: 
“The Long Season” (China), “Reborn Rich” (Kroea)
Best Series: 
“Meet Yourself” (China), “Act Like You’re Asleep” (Greece)
Best Actor: Wei Fan – “The Long Season” (China)
Best Actress: 
Suzy – “Anna” (Korea), Nina Ellen Ødegård – “Afterglow” (Norway)
Best Director: 
Stéphanie Murat (“The Fragile Colossus”—France)
Best Screenwriter:
 Aude Marcle (“The Fragile Colossus”—France), Nima Javidi (“The Actor”—Iran)


International Invitation

Golden Bird Prize (Program): “Big Bet” (Korea)
Golden Bird Prize (Individual): 
Choi Min Sik – “Big Bet” (Korea)
Special Prize: 
“Cammo” (Norway)
Outstanding Asian Star:
 Park Eun Bin – “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” (Korea), Yunxi Luo – “Till the End of the Moon” (China), Yusei Yagi – “My Beautiful Man S2” (Japan), Gun Atthaphan Phunsawat – “Midnight Museum” (Thailand), Kathryn Bernardo – “2 Good 2 Be True” (the Phillippines)
IDOLCHAMP Artist Award: 
ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon – “Mimicus” (Korea)


Korean Drama Competition

Program: “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” “The Glory”
Outstanding Korean Actor: 
Lee Sung Min – “Reborn Rich”
Outstanding Korean Drama O.S.T: 
Kim Ho Joong – “Meet You Among Them” (“Three Bold Siblings” OST)

Congratulations to the winners!

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