Sh**ting Star (Korean: 별똥별; RR: Byeolttongbyeol) is a 2022 South Korean television series starring Lee Sung-kyung, Kim Young-dae, Yoon Jong-hoon, Kim Yoon-hye, Lee Jung-shin, and Park So-jin.


DIRECTOR– Lee Soo-hyun

WRITTEN BY – Choi Young-woo


GENRE– Romantic Comedy

RELEASE DATE -April 22 –
June 11, 2022


COUNTRY– South Korea





Shooting Stars’ depicts the love and hate relationship between a top actor Gong Tae Sung (Kim Young Dae) and a PR team leader of his agency Oh Han Byeol (Lee Sung Kyung).

Oh Han Byeol works in the entertainment industry as the head of the PR team and had to deal with the daily disasters, scandals and demand of the actors that work for their agency to make sure they shine in the spotlight.


Meanwhile, Gong Tae Sung is the most famous artist of StarForce Entertainment and bullies Oh Han Byeol because of what happened in the past. However, he finds himself falling in love with her.

Gong Tae Sung couldn’t confess his feelings rather he continues to pester Oh Han Byeol.



Head of the public relations department of Star Force Entertainment. She is a person with extraordinary eloquence and excellent crisis response ability. She is also in charge of various departments such as public relations, crisis response, and communication, and dominates the industry.

Kim Young-dae as Gong Tae-sung

Moon Seong-hyun as teenage Gong Tae-sung

A top star actor who is signed with Star Force Entertainment. He is loved by the public for his bright smile like an angel with a polite and upright image. However, unknown to the public he harbours a scarred past.

A manager with good looks and good manners who is often mistaken for a celebrity.

A former Taekwondo player turned manager.

A corporation lawyer and the consultant of Star Force Entertainment.

Oh Han-byul’s close friend and entertainment reporter.


Supporting Cast

Star Force Entertainment

Director of Star Force Entertainment.

An actress under the Star Force Enterainment, a fan of Gong Tae-sung. She stars in the drama ‘The World of Stars’ as the female lead, alongside Tae-sung.

  • Lee Han-ik as Kang Min-kyu

He was Tae-sung’s new manager. Being unable to deal with Tae-sung’s personality, he quit his job at Star Force and later joined DS actors.

A new manager under Star Force Entertainment. He becomes Tae-sung’s new manager after Kang Min-kyu and protects Tae-sung with respect and pride to work with him.

A rookie actor under Star Force. He plays a supporting role in the drama ‘The World of Stars’.

The youngest member of Star Force Entertainment’s PR team. A new employee full of stupid mistakes.

PR team member of Star Force Entertainment.

  • Im Sung-kyun as Lee Yoon-woo

An actor under Star Force Entertainment who has been close friends with Taesung since he was a trainee.

  • Jang Do-ha as Jang Seok-woo

An actor under Star Force Entertainment. He is a troublemaker who caused many dating rumors.


DS Actors

CEO of DS Actors agency who was a manager at Star Force Entertainment.

A rookie actress under DS Actors. She plays a supporting role in the drama ‘The World of Stars’.

  • Kang Jun-gyu as Shim Jin-woo

An actor under DS Actors who moved from Star Force to DS with Dae-soo.


The owner of ‘Sidokine’, a famous soup restaurant in Daegu. He later becomes a rookie actor under Star Force after Park Ho-young convinced him and adopts stage name “Kang Yu-sung”.

A legendary actress representing the 90s, later revealed to be Gong Tae-sung’s biological mother.

Gong Tae-sung’s housemaid who takes care of him with a warm and friendly personality, but harbours a different intention within her.

  • Heo Gyu as Yuki

The owner of Organic Bar, Hanbyul, Kibeom, and Hoyoung’s hideout. More than anyone else, he is quick to hear about the entertainment industry.

  • Yoo Gun-woo as Director Park Han-suk

The director of the drama ‘The World of Stars’ starring Tae Sung and Da Hye.

  • Lee Joo-won as Yang Young-gi

The director of OnStylebo where Jo Ki-bum works.

  • Yoon Young-min as Lee Hae-min

Veteran secretary of Su Hyuk’s law firm Biho.


Special appearanceEdit

  • Park Jeong-min as Park Jo-eun, Oh Han-byul’s blind date partner (Ep. 1)
  • Yoon Byung-hee as Secretary of the Overseas Volunteer Group (Ep. 1)
  • Seo Yi-sook as an actress under Star Force Entertainment (Ep. 1)
  • Kim Seul-gi as Happy, a rookie singer (Ep. 2)
  • Lee Ki-woo as Ahn Jun-ho, an actor under Star Force Entertainment (Ep. 3)
  • Kang Ki-doong as Dong-jun, Ahn Jun-ho’s manager (Ep. 3)
  • Lee Sang-woo Han Seung-Il, a famous actor newly signed with Star Force (Ep. 4)
  • Chae Jong-hyeop as Ham Yu-jin, an actor (Ep. 5)
  • Oh Eui-shik as Cha Min-ho, entertainment department reporter and Jo Ki-bum’s ex-boyfriend (Ep. 6)
  • Moon Ga-young as Yeo Ha-jin, an actress who was rumoured to be dating Gong Tae-sung in the past (Ep. 6, 8)
  • Song Ji-hyo as Song Ji-hee, an actress (Ep. 7)
  • Kim Dong-wook as Lee Jung-hoon (Ep. 8)
  • Jin Ki-joo as Kim Jin-kyung, Entertainment Public Relations Manager (Ep.11)
  • Lee Sang-yeob as Do Ji-hyuk, an attorney and Do Soo-hyuk’s elder brother (Ep.11)
  • Um Ki-joon as Yoon Jang-seok, an actor (Ep.13)
  • Bong Tae-gyu as Sung Woo-ju, CEO of Yoon Jang-seok’s agency (Ep. 13)


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