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Song Joong Ki committed To Star In Upcoming Noir Film With No Pay

Song Joong Ki will be appearing in his upcoming film with no pay in support of the project’s artistic quality!

In June, Song Joong Ki’s agency HISTORY D&C shared that the actor was positively reviewing the offer to star in the upcoming noir film “Hwaran” (romanized title).

On September 30, representatives of Song Joong Ki confirmed that he would star in “Hwaran” with “no guarantee,” meaning that he decided to not receive payment for his appearance.

“Hwaran” is a noir film about a young man named Yeon Gyu (Hong Sa Bin) who wants to escape his hellish reality. When he meets Chi Geon (Song Joong Ki), who’s in charge of middle management for an organization, the two set out together in the dangerous world. The film also stars BIBI.

The film will be produced by HISTORY D&C, which is also Song Joong Ki’s agency. However, the agency confirmed that their production participation was unrelated to the actor’s decision to not receive a separate fee for his appearance.


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