Suzy Gets Entangled With Yang Se Jong in Upcoming Romance Drama ” Doona!”


Suzy and Yang Se Jong’s upcoming romance drama “Doona!” has dropped new stills!

Based on the webtoon “The Girl Downstairs,” “Doona!” is a romance drama about ordinary university student Won Jun (Yang Se Jong) and retired K-pop idol Doona (Suzy) who meet at a share house.


The newly released stills feature Suzy, who perfectly transforms into the charming Lee Doona, who used to be the main vocalist of a popular idol group but suddenly announced her retirement and stays in a share house near a university.

Suzy introduced her character, saying, “Doona is honest and outspoken, but she also has a wounded [heart] and loneliness, so she feels like a cat with sharp claws, but in reality, she is like a ‘dog-like cat’ who likes people.”

More stills below capture Yang Se Jong who plays the male lead Won Jun, a college student who is extremely ordinary but warmhearted. Won Jun decides to live alone due to the long commute to school and encounters former idol Doona for the first time at the share house entrance. Won Jun, who has no interest in idols, just thinks of Doona as someone he has seen before somewhere.

While Won Jun looks weirdly at Doona, who keeps on speaking informally and expresses her annoyance to him, Won Jun cannot get Doona out of his mind for an unknown reason.


Yang Se Jong remarked, “I felt excited and imagined, ‘What would it be like if this really happens in reality?’ while I was reading the original webtoon,” raising viewers’ anticipation for the drama.

Doona!” is set to premiere on October .



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