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Why Her(Korean: 왜 오수재인가; RR: Wae Osujaeinga; lit. Why Oh Soo-jae) is a South Korean television series directed by Park Soo-jin. 

DIRECTOR– Park Soo-jin

WRITTEN BY– Kim ji-eun

GENRE– Mystery, legal, Romance


RUNNING TIME– 70 Minutes


RELEASE DATE– June 3, 2022

COUNTRY– South Korea





This drama revolves around oh Soo jae( seo hyun Jin)a prestigious lawyer and the youngest partner in the law offices. Oh Soo jae have the zeal to always win all her cases and on her way be one of the best attorney in Tk law firm. One of her cases came out wrongly, Soo jae was forced to watch her dreams crumbled.

Soo jae was demoted to teach as a professor at a local law school seojung university law school, still determine to get back to the law firm, but the case is still unsettled. Fortunately for Soo jae she met Gong chan(Hwang in yeop)a law student in the local school, there path frequently cross.

Gong chan always look out for Soo jae, despite his challenges and painful past, he still show his warm heart towards Gong chan and he later fall in love with her.

Gong chan loves Soo jae and always stays by her side which gives her the second chance and courage to pursue her dream to return back to the law firm.


A star lawyer who is the youngest partner at TK Law Firm. She has become empty while pursuing only success. She was pushed out as an adjunct professor at a law school because of an unexpected incident.

  • Hwang In-youp as Gong Chan
    • Lee Eugene as young Gong Chan / Kim Dong-goo

A twenty-seven years old law school student who is warm and innocent, but hides a painful past with a twisted fate.

The chairman of TK Law Firm who crosses the boundaries of good and evil in the face of desire. He has power and hides his inner feelings. He watches over Oh Soo-jae, who is loyal to him.

A second year student at Seojung University’s law school and the second son of Choi Tae-kook.


Supporting Cast

TK Law Firm

The eldest son and heir of TK Law Firm.

An associate lawyer at TK Law Firm and Legal Clinic Center Guest Attorney.

  • Kim Seon-hyuk as Min Young-bae

Partner Attorney at TK Law Firm

  • Jeon Jin-ki as Ha Il-goo

TK Law Firm chairman’s chief secretary.

Seojung University Law School faculty and students

A first year student at Seojung University Law School and Legal Clinic Center Team Member. She was a former police detective.

A first year student at Seojung University Law School. Former employee of TK Law Firm’s General Affairs Department, Legal Clinic Center Team Member

A cheerful and optimistic law student who is also a former idol trainee.

A lecturer at Seojung University Law School.

  • Kim Young-pil as Seo Joon-myeong

Professor at Seojung University and The prosecutor became a professor. When he was a prosecutor 10 years ago, he was Kim Dong-goo’s prosecutor. But he didn’t know Gongchan.

A law school professor, and Min Young-bae’s wife.

  • Kim Ji-hwi as Park Jo-Gyo

Oh Soo-jae’s teaching assistant.

Hansoo Group

Chairman of Hansoo Group, the largest customer and sponsor of TK Law Firm.

  • Park Shin-woo as Han Dong-oh

Hansoo Group’s managing director.

  • Jeon Jae-hong as Han Ki-tae

Grandson of Chairman Han Seong-beom, the head of the legal department of Hansoo Group.

People around Oh Soo-jae

  • Lee Jong-nam as Yang Hwa-ja

Oh Soo-jae’s mother.

  • Nam Jung-woo as Oh Chun-jae

Oh Soo-jae’s older brother.

  • Lee Seung-bin as Oh Young-jae

Oh Soo-jae’s younger brother

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