Wi Ha-joon reveals his sexy charm perfectly with his trench coat fashion and his 180cm-tall height

Actor Wi Ha-joon showed off his natural visual in new daily life photos.

Wi Ha-joon recently posted several photos on his Instagram along with the caption “Season of trench coats”.

wi ha-joon

In the released pictures, Wi Ha-joon is seen wearing a black trench coat, revealing his sexy charm. In particular, the actor drew attention as he perfectly digested the trench coat in his own style thanks to his tall height of 180cm.

Netizens gave enthusiastic responses to Wi Ha-joon’s update, saying “Wow, you’re so cool~ The weather is getting colder. Be careful not to catch a cold”, “A trench coat with autumn vibe… Our cool actor Wi Ha-joon pulls off this style so well”, “Wi Ha-joon is so sexy”, etc.

wi ha-joon

Meanwhile, Wi Ha-joon is currently starring in tvN’s weekend drama “Little Women”.

Source: Kbz

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