Actress Han So-hee spotted at the pub wearing store apron and also receives part-time payment


Actress Han So-hee recently surprised fans as she appeared in an unexpected place instead of on the TV screen.

Han So-hee released several photos through her Instagram Story on October 27th.


The pictures show Han So-hee becoming a one-day part-timer at a pub located in Wonju, Gangwon-do. This place is known to be a pub run by Han So-hee’s acquantaince.

han so hee instagram story

The actress wore the store apron around her waist and stood at the pub counter. Her stunning beauty and cute smile, which shines brightly despite her appearance in simple clothes, caught the eyes of fans and netizens at once. 


Han So-hee was also seen receiving her part-time salary from a person who looks like the store’s owner. Especially, she received the cash with both hands while politely bending her body at 90 degrees.

The store’s owner also posted a photo taken with Han So-hee and added the caption “You did a great job, my friend”, expressing his gratitude for Han So-hee’s help with the store work.


Customers who visited the store also recognized Han So-hee and took photos with her. Han So-hee excited fans by willingly taking proof shots at their requests. 


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