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Curtain Call (Korean: 커튼콜; RR: Keoteunkol) is an upcoming South Korean television series starring Kang Ha-neul, Ha Ji-won and Go Doo-shim.

DIRECTOR – Yoon Sang-ho

WRITTEN BY – Jo Sung-geol

GENRE – Drama


RELEASE DATE – October 31, 2022

COUNTRY – South Korea




Credit: HD official


Yoo Jae Heon (Kang Han Neul)is a struggling stage actor who has been playing a North Korean soldier in a theater performance.Yoo Jae-Heon (Kang Ha-Neul) works as an actor for a local theater troupe. Even though he comes from a poor background, he is a bright and optimistic person with high self-esteem.

Ja Geum Soon (Go Doo Shim) is a woman who got separated from her husband and only son during Korean war and settled down in South Korea.

She dreamed of being reunited with them, so she founded a hotel that she hoped would become a metaphorical lighthouse and bring her lost family back to her which became the successful Nakwon hotel chain.

One day, an old gentleman Jung Sang Cheol (Sung Dong Il) her ever-faithful assistant decided to bring peace to the old woman before she dies, he hires Yoo Jae-Heon to act as Ja Geum Soon grandson defected from North Korea. This changes Yoo Jae-Heon’s life.


Yoo Jae-heon: A theater actor in a local theater company. He receives a sudden offer from an old gentleman to play the defecting grandson of a certain grandmother, and he faces a major turning point in his life.Jung-moon: Geum-soon’s North Korean husband from whom she separated decades ago.

Geum-soon’s granddaughter. The youngest daughter and the general manager of Hotel Nakwon.

The founder of Hotel Nakwon, a leading hotel chain in Korea. During the Korean War she descends South and is separated from her husband and child. She grows a hotel while waiting for the two of them. She wishes to see her grandson Moon-sung one last time.

The former manager of Hotel Nakwon and right-hand man of Geum-soon. Even after retiring from his managerial position, he looks after and assists Geum-soon.

A theater actress in Yoo Jae-heon’s theater company. She is asked to play the wife’s role of the defecting grandson played by Yoo Jae-heon.

A smuggler from North Korea and a member of a Korean-Chinese drug organization.

The successor of a giant conglomerate Samwoo who owns a distribution chain.

Supporting Cast

Geum-soon’s family

The first son and the major shareholder of Hotel Nakwon founded by his grandmother Geum-soon.

  • Choi Dae-hoon as Park Se-gyu

The second son of Hotel Nakwon.

Park Se-jun’s wife who is a former announcer.

A housekeeper of Hotel Nakwon for a long time, now serving as Geum-soon’s housekeeper


Manager of Hotel Nakwon who works under Park Se-yeon’s direct management.

Park Se-yeon’s close friend and the youngest daughter of a large construction company.

  • Son Jong-hak as Kim Seung-do

A longtime employee and managing director of Hotel Nakwon.

  • Han Jae-Young as Jang Tae-joo

A former detective who has been tracking the whereabouts of the real grandson of Geum-soon at the request of Jeong Sang-cheol.

Special appearances

A close friend of Yoo Jae-heon.

Geum-soon’s son who was separated from her during the war when he was a child.

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