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Jung Il Woo a male actor in“The Moon Embracing the Sun” is thinking of getting married after keeping his personal life quiet for 16 years

After a period of no dating, the actor is thinking of marriage but has not found a match. 

On the 29th, Insight gave a report of Jung Il Woo’s interview with the Korean media. The actor shared aspects of his personal life, especially, his marriage status. Jung Il Woo is a rare K-pop star that has not got into any relationship rumors in his 16 years of working in the industry. 

Jung Il Woo
Male actor Jung Il Woo. 

According to Jung Il Woo, the star pursues a single lifestyle. He also does not avoid getting into relationships to maintain his reputation. It was more due to his  busy schedules that the actor could not spare time for dating. 

Moreover, “The Moon Embracing the Sun” star is also a quiet type, who is careful and serious in relationships. Therefore, he also acts with boundaries with his colleagues and friends of the opposite sex so as to avoid misunderstanding. 

Jung Il Woo said that, after a long period of no dating, he was thinking of marriage and felt worried. He had not found any match of his standards. 

“Now I want to get married, but this is more easily said than done. I asked myself where I could meet the girl to spend the rest of life with. Because of that, I would not dare to make a plan or create a deadline for marriage. I like someone who shares interests with me. I think I will end up dating them for a long time if there is an aspect to them that I can respect”


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