Im Yoon-ah in an interview says “2022 is an unforgettable year since she has done well with drama, movie and singing activities”


Im Yoon-ah is enjoying her heyday. She recently made a successful comeback with Girls’ Generation and showed good performances in other fields, including dramas and movies.


Participating in Girls’ Generation’s first comeback in 5 years with the 7th full album “FOREVER 1”, performing on music shows and SMTOWN LIVE concert, Im Yoon-ah captivated the hearts of global fans and received favorable reviews for her outstanding visual and talents. She also held a special fan event with Girls’ Generation members to celebrate the group’s 15th debut anniversary and communicated with fans.

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As of September 26th, “Confidential Assignment 2: International” (directed by Lee Seok-hoon), starring Im Yoon-ah as beauty Youtuber Park Min-young, has attracted more than 5.61 million viewers. Not only did Im Yoon-ah gain more screen time than in the previous movie but she also added vitality to the story thanks to her comic acting.

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In MBC’s Friday-Saturday drama “Big Mouth” (scripted by Kim Ha-ram/ directed by Oh Chung-hwan), which recorded 13.7% in the last episode, Im Yoon-ah received so much love for portraying Ko Mi-ho, a veteran nurse who struggles to fight against powerful people to save her husband Park Chang-ho (Lee Jong-seok), who was falsely accused of committing a crime.

Im Yoon-ah had an interview held at the conference room of SM Entertainment’s Seongsu-dong office to commemorate the end of “Big Mouth”.

– First of all, please tell us your feelings.

▶ Thank you for giving me so much love. I think I will never forget the character Ko Mi-ho. It is a pre-produced drama and the filming was completed in April. Therefore, I also watched the drama as a viewer and enjoyed the feeling of waiting to see how the case is solved. It was also a special work since it was set in a prison, a place that I don’t normally visit.


– Is “Big Mouth” different from your previous work?

▶ It’s my first time challenging the noir genre. Among the characters in the works I’ve done so far, no character required as much emotional acting as the one in “Big Mouth”. Through this experience, I feel like I’ve grown and improved a lot.

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– You played the role of lawyer Park Chang-ho (Lee Jong-seok)’s wife in this drama.

▶ I still have not much experience of playing a wife. I used to play Saebyeok in KBS’s 2007 drama “You Are My Destiny”, which has the setting of a marriage. I was in high school when I acted as a newlywed bride. Therefore, playing a wife at the age when it’s no longer awkward now felt completely different. As Lee Jong-seok appeared as my husband, I really wanted to be a married couple with him in the drama. I believed that people would love to see our chemistry. Of course, my next step will be performing the role of a mother with a child.

Was it comfortable acting like a married couple with Lee Jong-seok?

▶ I’ve known each other since before, but it was my first time working with him. Jong-seok had many strengths, such as making good use of his detailed emotions, and he also gave the energy that made others feel comfortable being with him. In fact, it would have been difficult to call him a husband if we were not close to each other before the drama. It think this point helped us work together more comfortably.


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– What type of wife is Ko Mi-ho?

▶ I heard people say that she’s like Princess Pyeonggang. I think Ko Mi-ho is more active. Ko Mi-ho is a wise and righteous character.

– Your feelings about your character and drama this time?

▶ The subject of “Big Mouth” itself was already interesting. Many people asked me who Big Mouse was. Ko Mi-ho was also an attractive character. I still remember the part where I acted with love for my family and a sense of duty as a nurse even after “Big Mouse” ended. Ko Mi-ho, who digs up cases to save her husband, is a character equipped with righteousness and boldness.

Park Chang-ho was imprisoned as soon as the drama began, so it was hard to show Ko Mi-ho’s personality. Before Chang-ho went to prison because he was falsely accused, Ko Mi-ho was able to prove her appearance with only one scene where the line “Trust me and let’s endure this” came out. When Ko Mi-ho is with her family, she feels more confident.


– There are a lot of talks about how “Big Mouth” ended too easily with “Who is Big Mouse?” etc. Your thoughts?

▶ I am not in a position to say about the overall ending, but there were many people who found it regrettable that Go Miho died after only suffering. Go Miho also received love from Park Changho, and went to the other world with happiness. I was too focused on her death, so it was hard to think of other scenarios. I knew from the beginning that Miho was going to die.

The results of your works these days are good. There is a saying that goes “For male, it’s Lee Jung Jae, for female, it’s Im Yoona”.

▶ I am happy with the results, but I also value the process. I’m thankful that they are doing well. My drama, movie, and singer activities overlapped, and all came out well, so 2022 has become an unforgettable year. Since the results are good, I have strength on my way to the next step.


Aren’t you too busy?

▶ I thought I wasn’t a workaholic, but I can’t say I’m not. It was an unexpected situation. The schedules overlapped, and many people told me to rest. I want to take it easy, too. Taking a break also requires practice.

Are your goals big?

▶ It’s to execute the goal given in front of you. These things pile up and become hard. I don’t think I have one big goal. I try to show a lot of positive energy. This time, seeing the reaction of the fans who have been waiting for a long time seems to be my driving force. They are my real fans. I want to walk with them. I’m glad I became a celebrity.

Your future plans are?

▶ 15 years of Girls’ Generation, 20 years after joining SM including the trainee period. I am 33 years old now, but I feel like I’m older as I’ve been active for half of my life. I’m grateful just to be doing well for a long time. I also found out that the more steadily I do what I do now, the more likely I am to achieve something good.

I try to portray a new character every time. Even if it is not a big change, the texture can be slightly different. I strive to show diversity in genre as well. But the principle is to do what I’m attracted to. My next drama, JTBC’s “King the Land,” and my next movie, “2 o’clock Date” are both romantic comedies.

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