Late Goo Hara’s bereaved family made a statement regarding the court sentence of Goo Hara’s ex-lover.


On October 12th, Noh Jong Eon, a lawyer at a law firm S, who is the legal representative of Goo Hara‘s bereaved family, told Xports News, The court has issued a judgment that Choi Jong Beom, Goo Hara’s ex-lover, is to pay the maximum amount of alimony for mental damage normally recognized by the court.”


He also added, “It is a disappointing sentence considering the mental shock and pain of the bereaved family as their flesh and blood passed away. However, it is also true that the highest level of alimony was recognized.”

If there is another similar situation, it would be good to raise the usual highest level of alimony.The judge made the wisest decision based on the current standards, but I hope the standards will rise in the long run in this situation,” the lawyer stated.

In addition, he expressed a cautious stance on the bereaved family’s response to the ruling and said, “Save your words. There’s just no way one can compare the sadness of losing a family member to money.”

On the other hand, in 2018, Choi Jong Beom, who was in a relationship with Goo Hara, was put on trial for charges of physically injuring his ex-lover and threatening to release explicit videos of her while arguing. The Supreme Court sentenced him to one year in prison in October 2020. However, he was not found guilty of illegal filming.

Goo Hara’s bereaved family claimed that Goo Hara suffered mental pain and died due to Choi Jong Beom’s threats and coercion. In response, a total of 100 million won in alimony was filed against Choi Jong Beom, and the court recently ruled in favor of some of the plaintiffs, with Choi Jong Beom having to pay 78 million won in alimony.

Source: Kbz


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