One the Woman (Korean: 원 더 우먼; RR: Won Deo Umeon) is a 2021 South Korean television series directed by Choi Hyeong-hun and written by Kim Yoon.


DIRECTOR – Choi Hyeong-hun



GENRE – Romantic comedy, Drama, Action, Mystery, Thriller, Suspense, Crime, Law

RELEASE DATE – September 17 –
November 6, 2021


COUNTRY – South Korea





Jo Yeon-joo (Honey Lee) is known as the best in corruption investigations for the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office with tough personality. she suffers amnesia after a car crash when chasing a suspect.

She is mistaken to be Kang Mi-Na (Lee Ha-Nee), the daughter-in-law of the conglomerate Hanju Group who looks just like her and had to live like her.


Han Seung-wook (Lee Sang-yoon) is a chaebol, who still cherishes his first love.

Meanwhile, Han Seung Wook returns to South Korea to find the truth behind his father’s death, as well as rekindle his relationship with his first love, Kang Mi Na.



  1. Jo Yeon-joo: 33 years old, a graduate from Seoul National University School of Law, she works at the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office. She worked hard on her own to lift her career from the bottom. Because she had to interact with gangsters from various countries, she endeavored to learn how to speak at least 4 languages. She is skilled in martial arts which she uses to subdue gangsters. Because of the harsh environment she grew up in, she developed a strong stamina and strength enabling her to withstand physical assaults that can be life-threatening to others.
  2. Kang Mi-na: 34 years old, youngest and illegitimate daughter of Yumin Group and the second daughter-in-law of Hanju Group. Because of her illegitimate background, her family and her husband’s family treat her like a maid. In order to hide and help Yeon-joo while trying to expose Han Sung-hye, she undergoes plastic surgery and poses as Han Sung-hye’s newly hired secretary, Kim Eun-jung

36 years old, a third-generation disgraced chaebol, he is the only son of Chairman Han’s late brother and Kang Mi-na’s former boyfriend. After being exiled by his uncle, he returns to South Korea to seek the truth behind his father’s death and also to find his first love.

38 years old, a talented businesswoman, she is the eldest daughter of Hanju Group and Kang Mi-na’s sister-in-law. An ambitious and narcissistic heiress, she would do anything to get what she wants including getting rid of people whom she believes are standing on her way. When she was younger, she accidentally killed her uncle and hit Yeon-joo’s grandmother when she ran away from the factory.

32 years old, Jo Yeon-joo’s university friend, who comes from a wealthy background and works as a prosecutor at the Seopyeong District Prosecutors’ Office. He has feelings for her.


Supporting Cast

Hanju Group Family

34 years old, second son of Hanju Group, married to Kang Mi-na. However, due to his unhappy marriage with Kang Mi-na, he had an affair with a famous announcer, Park So-yi. However, after he meets Jo Yeon-joo he falls in love with her.

  • Jeon Kuk-hwan as Han Young-sik

68 years old, the Chairman of Hanju Group, a leading conglomerate in South Korea. He is Kang Mi-na’s father-in-law. He bribed and supported Ryu Seung-deok which allows him to freely commit financial crimes.

64 years old, Kang Mi-na’s mother-in-law. She often abuses Kang Mi-na. However, when Yeon-joo lives with her, she became the main target of Yeon-joo’s insults. One day, Kang Mi-na tells her the truth about her elder son’s death.

  • Song Seung-ha as Han Sung-mi

30 years old, Hanju Group’s youngest daughter who disrespects Kang Mi-na. She is a vain heiress who only loves shopping and going to salons.

36 years old, first daughter-in-law of Hanju Group. She is a widow who always feels insecure about her son’s future considering the absence of her husband, Han Seong-chan, who was one of the main heir of Hanju Group that was murdered by Han Seong-hye.

  • Shin Seo-woo as Han Seon-woo

9 years old, Han Seong-chan and Heo Jae-hee’s son, as well as the only grandchild of Hanju Group. He is pampered by his mother who wants him to be accepted as Hanju Group’s heir even with the absence of his father.

People around Han Family

A former prosecutor and the current head of Hanju Group’s legal team, he was a close friend of Han Seung-wook’s father.

Nicknamed “Director Kim”, she is Hanju Group’s housekeeper and a woman of great mystery. Later it is revealed that Seung-wook’s grandfather entrusted some of his shares to her, which she uses it to expel Han Young-sik and his family’s influence in the group.

  • Kim Bong-man as Jeong Do-woo

Loyal bodyguard and assistant of Han Seong-hye who helped her get rid of the evidence that she killed her uncle (Han Seung-wook’s father) by burning down the Hanju fashion’s factory. He bribed Jo Yeon-joo’s father so that he would confess that he is the arsonist. He supports Han Seong-hye and all of her crimes because he was manipulated by her through his sickly sister.

  • Jiyun Kim Huong as Trang

A Vietnamese maid who is able to speak Korean fluently but hid that fact in order to preserve her job at Hanju’s household. Yeon-joo as Kang Mi-na always extracts information about Kang Mi-na and the Hanju group from her.


People around Jo Yeon-joo

Jo Yeon-joo’s senior and one of the Deputy Chiefs of the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office. Later in an episode, he is promoted to the Chief of the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office mainly due Hanju Group’s influence. Jo Yeon-joo holds a grudge against him for hiding the fact that Hanju’s heiress Han Seong-hye was involved in her grandmother’s death.

Jo Yeon-joo’s father. He was a gangster who tried to change his ways because of her daughter. He was bribed by Hanju group to confess as the preparator of an arson in Hanju Fashion’s factory that killed Han Seung-wook’s father. Without Yeon-joo knowing, the money was used to pay for her law school tuition fee.

  • Lee Gyu-bok as Wang Pil-gyu 

A former gangster who worked under Myung Guk. He owns a sushi restaurant. At Yeon-joo’s request, he helps victims retaliate against perpetrators who are not properly punished for their crimes. He was asked by Myung-guk to take care of Yeon-joo.

A former gangster and Wang Pil-gyu’s right hand man.



Han Seong-woon’s mistress. She is an announcer for the Nine O’Clock News who got the job solely because of Seong-woon. Kang Mi-na knows about the affair but she keeps silent about it. However Yeon-joo (as Kang Mi-na) harshly humiliated her and Seong-woon.

A con artist that was chased by Jo Yeon-joo in order to impress her seniors. He helped Kang Mi-na leave South Korea and go abroad to escape from her abusive families. He holds a list of conglomerate chairmen who buy his fake art pieces so those chairmen are able to bribe law enforcers using those art pieces or using them for money laundering. Due to his involvement with Han Young-sik, he is protected by Ryu Seung-deok.

Kang Mi-na’s paternal aunt and the President of Yumin Foundation. She wants Mi-na (who is replaced by Yeon-joo) to be fired from being Yumin’s president and heiress, even to the point supporting Hanju Group’s attempt to acquire Yumin’s hotel so that she can get the whole ownership of Yumin group for her own.


Special appearances

  • Kim Nam-gil as male priest who leads to heaven. Lee Ha-nee previously worked with him in another action comedy drama The Fiery Priest
  • Jin Seon-kyu as chicken delivery man.Lee Ha-nee previously worked with him in an action comedy film Extreme Job.
  • Sung Byung-sook as Yeon-joo’s grandmother
  • Chun-sik


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