“Once Upon a Small Town” starring Red Velvet’s Joy stares reaction in the viewers

Once Upon a Small Town” deserves more attention. 

Among recent K-dramas, the healing genre doesn’t seem to be as popular as it was half a year ago. “Once Upon a Small Town” is one of a few healing dramas released recently. However, since it is only released on OTT services and stars young, rookie actors, the drama regrettably does not generate much buzz. 

“Once Upon a Small Town” marks the return to the small screen of Red Velvet’s Joy. Compared to her previous works which all recorded low ratings and mixed reviews due to Joy’s lacking performance, this time, Joy has successfully shown her improvement. 

Once Upon a Small Town

When Joy was confirmed to lead “Once Upon a Small Town”, she received many negative comments saying she should stick to singing. However, after the drama was broadcast, Joy received much praise for her pretty visuals, natural acting, and good chemistry with her co-stars. Joy’s bright and refreshing vibes are considered a perfect match for the atmosphere of the drama.

Joy plays Ahn Ja Young, a young police officer living in the countryside, who loves to take care of others and always shows up when people need her. This seems to be a character that is tailored for Joy, as it has a somewhat similar energy to her real-life self. 

Once Upon a Small Town

Ahn Ja Young meets Ji Yul, a guy who returned to the Heedong village from the city to take over his grandfather’s old veterinary clinic. The passionate, hard-working girl helps Ji Yul deal with his troubles when he has to adjust to a new life. Initially, “Once Upon a Small Town” was said to resemble “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha”, but the story definitely has its own charm. The clumsiness, innocence of the characters, the soft and adorable love line turn “Once Upon a Small Town” into a cute love song that anyone can enjoy.  

Once Upon a Small Town

Another plus point of “Once Upon a Small Town” is the setting. The Korean countryside is depicted in an aesthetically pleasing way with rustic green as the main color. 

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