Actress Kim Jung-min expresses her pain of running away from home and leaving her younger brother in the hands of her violent father on “Oh Eun Young’s Golden Clinic”,


Kim Jung-min revealed that she had a hard time because of her father’s violence on “Oh Eun Young’s Golden Clinic”.


Kim Jung-min and her mother appeared on Channel A’s entertainment program “Dr. Oh Eun Young’s Golden Clinic”, which aired on the evening of September 30th.

Kim Jung-min’s mother shed tears as she shared, “I couldn’t bear it, so I left home leaving my children behind”.


Kim Jung-min said, “Later, I also did the same to my younger brother once”. She added, “I remember that my sister said she would come and pick me up so I ran away leaving my younger brother at home”.

Revealing that she felt sorry for her brother, the actress said, “I’ve never resented my mom. I think that’s what remains in my memory the longest. In the end, I faced the same situation as my mom did. I couldn’t go to school and I would have no future if I kept staying there. I knew what would happen if I were not there, but I couldn’t sit still enduring my dad’s violence. I still remember clearly the moment I said that to my younger brother”.


On the broadcast, King Jung-min’s mother said, “My husband was very violent”, adding “Jung-min used to write ‘Mom, run away’ to me on the ground”.

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