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Also known as Mischievous kiss, is a Korean drama centers on the love story between an intelligent boy and the non intelligent girl in a school. The boy wrote a love letter to the boy, who in turn returns the letter back with corrections on spellings and bad score. The story tells more on teens love,marriage, family and friendship.


A ditsy and unpopular Oh Ha-Ni (Jung So-Min) is in love with her opposite, Baek Seung-Jo (Kim Hyun-Joong) who is a smart and popular boy. Tension rises when Oh Ha-Ni writes and delivers her love letter to Baek Seung-Jo to which he gives back, graded.

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Embarrassed and heart-broken, Oh Ha-Ni goes home only to have her house collapse in on her, her father and her three friends. As fate would have it, Oh Ha-Ni and her father – Oh Ki-Dong (Kang Nam-Gil) end up being invited to live with Baek Seung-Jo and his family.

Oh Ha-Ni, who is still devoted to Baek Seung-Jo works hard to try and impress Seung-Jo.

Along the way, Ha-Ni becomes tired of Seung-Jo’s cold and uncaring attitude. Bong Joon-gu, who has been liking Ha-Ni for a long time, began chasing for her affection and ultimately, her hand for marriage.

Seung-Jo then realises that she is about to slip away and starts chasing her to win her back.

Main characters

  • Kim Hyun-joong as Baek Seung-jo

Baek Seung-jo is the smartest and the most handsome guy in the high school. He is rumored to have an IQ of 200, but has a cold attitude. Ha-ni writes him a love letter which he rejects, claiming he hates stupid girls. When Ha-ni and her father move in with his family, he still continues his cold attitude towards her, but warms up to her over time and slowly falls for her. Eventually, he proposes to Ha-ni and decides to be a doctor instead of inheriting his father’s gaming company.

  • Jung So-min as Oh Ha-ni

Oh Ha-ni is a not so bright girl who struggles academically and is at the bottom of her class. She has had a crush on Baek Seung-jo, the smartest and most handsome boy in the whole school, for three years. One day, Ha-ni decides to write a love letter for Seung-jo but Seung-jo rejects her publicly, correcting the grammar in her letter. Fate happens when an earthquake strikes Ha-ni’s newly built home and they are invited to stay with her father’s childhood friend, who happens to be Seung-jo’s father. Seung-jo is cold to her at first, but he eventually falls for her and their relationship develops. She later marries Seung-jo and decides to become a nurse.

  • Lee Tae-sung as Bong Joon-gu

Bong Joon-gu has been in love with Oh Ha-ni since his first year of High School. He loves her so much that he follows her everywhere and encourages her, hoping that she will feel the same way. He is devastated when he finds out Ha-ni is dating Seung-jo, but does not give up on her until he finds out that she is marrying Seung-jo. However, he later meets a girl named Chris who has a crush on him, and they start a relationship at the end of the series.

  • Lee Si-young as Yoon Hae-ra

She is considered to be Baek Seung-jo’s female equivalent. She is smart, good-looking and good at tennis like Seung-jo. She takes an interest in him at college, but decides to give up on him when Seung-jo and Ha-ni get married. She later shows interest for Kwang Kyung-soo, the tennis club’s vice-president.

Supporting characters

Baek and Oh families

  • Jung Hye-young as Hwang Geum-hee, Seung-jo’s mother
  • Oh Kyung-soo as Baek Soo-chang, Seung jo’s father
  • Choi Won-hong as Baek Eun-jo, Seung-jo’s brother
  • Kang Nam-gil as Oh Ki-dong, Ha-ni’s father

Tennis club

  • Choi Sung-kook as Kwang Kyung-soo
  • Yoon Bo-hyun as Tennis team captain

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Name: Playful kiss/ mischievous kiss

Episodes: 16

Genres: Romance, Comedy.

Country: South Korean

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