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The Heirs also known as The Inheritors, is a South Korean television series starring Lee Min-ho, Park Shin-hye and Kim Woo-bin. Written by Kim Eun-sook, the drama is set in a high school populated by the privileged and uber-rich. The series follows a group of rich, privileged high school students as they are about to take over their families’ business empires, overcoming difficulties and growing every step of the way.


Kim Tan (Lee Min-ho) is a wealthy heir to a large Korean conglomerate called Jeguk Group. He was exiled to the U.S. by his brother Kim Won (Choi Jin-hyuk), who tries to take control of the family business. While in the States, he meets Cha Eun-sang (Park Shin-hye), who went there to look for her sister.

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Despite being engaged to Yoo Rachel (Kim Ji-won), a fellow heiress, Kim Tan soon falls in love with Eun-sang. When Kim Tan returns to Korea, his former best friend turned enemy Choi Young-do (Kim Woo-bin) begins picking on Eun-sang to irritate Tan.

Tension ensues when Young-do also falls in love with Eun-sang, and Kim Tan is forced to choose between his responsibility of pursuing the family business or love.

Main Cast

The future heir to the Jeguk (meaning “Empire”) Group. He is the son of his father’s mistress, but is listed in the family registry as the second son of the wife in order to be a legitimate heir. Though hot-headed and at times immature, Kim Tan is warm-hearted and honest. Although he is engaged to Rachel Yoo, he is attracted to Cha Eun-sang at first sight and falls in love with her despite her poor background.

Down-to-earth and somewhat cynical, Eun-sang diligently works part-time jobs to support herself and her mother after her sister leaves for the U.S. She lives in Kim Tan’s home, since her mother is a live-in housekeeper of the Kim family. She is enrolled in Jeguk High School on a welfare scholarship given by President Kim.

  • Kim Woo-bin as Choi Young-do
    • Yang Hyun-mo as young Choi Young-do

The heir to the Zeus Hotel Group. Known for his cunning intellect and volatile manners, he is feared by his classmates, whom he bullies. He is formerly best friends with Kim Tan, but a misunderstanding made them enemies. Young-do begins picking on Cha Eun-sang to irritate Tan but he soon realizes that’s not the only reason she’s always on his mind.

Supporting Cast

Jeguk High School

Kim Tan’s fiancée. The rich, chic and haughty heiress of clothing company RS International, she is also known as the “Paris Hilton of Jeguk High School”. She dislikes Cha Eun-sang, and attempts many times to split her and Kim Tan apart. She is also on close terms with Tan’s half-brother, Kim Won.

Son of the Jeguk Group’s secretary. Kind, cool-headed, warm, and smart, Chan-young always sees the best in people. Despite being in the social care group, he doesn’t get picked on by the “higher social status” students because he is the class president. He is also Eun-sang’s best friend, and his friendship with her makes his girlfriend, Lee Bo-na jealous. Nonetheless, Chan-young thinks that everything Bo-na does is cute, especially when she is jealous.