The Bride of Habaek (Korean: 하백의 신부 2017; RR: Habaekui Shinbu 2017; lit. Bride of Habaek 2017) is a South Korean television drama also known as Bride of the Water God. The series stars Shin Se-kyung ,Nam Joo-hyukLim Ju-hwanKrystal Jung and Gong Myung.


DIRECTOR– Kim Byung-soo

WRITTEN BY– Jung Yoon-jung

GENRE– Fantasy, Romance, Comedy



COUNTRY– South Korea

RELEASE DATE– July 3- August 22 2017




The god of Water, Lord Ha-baek (Nam joo-hyuk) was sent to the earth by the chief priest, to retrieve the sacred stones needed for him to claim the throne of the Divine Realm.

The chief priest told he that a descendant who is to serve him will be available in the human world. So-ah(Shin Se-Kyung) a neuropsychiatrist, the only remaining descendant from a middle-class family fated to serve him for generations.

When so-ah meet Ha-baek she doesn’t believe he’s a god and mistakes him for someone suffering from a mental illness, she initially resists him. However, after she meets the god of the Land of the Sky, Bi-ryeom(Gong Myung) the goddess of the Land of Water, Mu-ra (Krystal), and the demigod Hu-ye (Lim Ju-hwan), she decides to help him out.


When Ha-baek was able to get the divine stone from his fellow gods, for him to return to the land of water and be crown the king, he already fall in love with so-ah and was reluctant to travel back.

Ha-baek reluctantly travelled back to the water land, but was missing so- ah so much, So another mission was given to him to found out the reason why the divine stone was kept in the human realm.


on Ha-baek coming back, so-ah found out that the person who saved her life when she jumped into the river …was actually her father, who she hate for so long for leaving she and her mother.


A neuropsychiatrist with her own practice, who is currently struggling and swamped with debt. She is an only child with a tormented past, due to her belief that she was abandoned by her father as a teenager, resulting in her attempt to commit suicide by jumping into the Han River. Although she was saved from drowning, she ends up developing hydrophobia, especially for cold water. She meets Ha-baek upon his arrival to earth and, while helping him adjust to the human world and retrieve the sacred stones, falls in love with him. Unknowingly to them both, she is destined to be his bride.

The god of the Land of Water and the rightful heir to the throne of the Realm of the Gods. He comes to earth, specifically modern-day Seoul, with the aim of obtaining the sacred stones. At the request of the high priest and upon temporarily losing his powers, he seeks out So-ah’s help as the last remaining descendant of the family destined to serve him.


During their quest he finds himself falling for her but struggles with his feelings due to his impending return to the Water Kingdom, in which she’ll be left behind. His love for So-ah is criticised by those from the Divine Realm since he’s been in love previously with a human woman but their relationship ended tragically because of her betrayal.

  • Lim Ju-hwan as Shin Hu-ye]
    • Yoon Chan-young as young Hoo-ye.

A demi-god disguised as the CEO of a resort and Ha-baek’s main rival. His birth parents are relatively unknown, apart from his mother being a human woman and his father a god from the Divine Realm. Because of his nature, he was abandoned as a child and is seen as a disgrace to the Realm of the Gods. His curse is subjection to an endless, mortal life on earth and deathly powers. Although they start off on the wrong foot, he eventually forms a friendship with So-ah and falls in love with her.

The goddess of the Land of Water8 who has lived among humans for hundreds of years as a well-known actress. She initially has an unrequited love for Ha-baek and despises So-ah because of their relationship, but eventually develops feelings for Bi-ryeom.

The god of the Land of the Sky and a familiar face from So-ah’s past. He hates Hu-ye unbeknownst to those from the Divine Realm, including Ha-baek and Mu-ra, because he was responsible for the murder of a close friend when he was a child. He initially has an unrequited love for Mu-ra, but it is reciprocated by her as the series progresses and they spend more time together.



The bride of Ha-baek is an interesting Korean drama, fans will love this drama.

source: viu trailer

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