The Uncanny Counter (Korean: 경이로운 소문; RRGyeong-iroun Somun; lit. Amazing So Mun or Amazing Rumor) is a South Korean television series starring Jo Byung-gyuYoo Jun-sangKim Se-jeong and Yeom Hye-ran.


DIRECTOR– Yoo Seon-dong,Park Bong-seop

WRITTEN BY– Yeo Ji-na, Kim Sae-bom



GENRE– Fantasy, mystery, thriller


COUNTRY– South Korean

RELEASE DATE– Nov.28, 2020- Jan.24, 2021





The uncanny counter, is a fictional drama centers on the mysterious things happening in the city of Jungjin, a group of four demon-hunters, Ga Mo-tak(Yoo Jun – Sang), Do Ha-Na( Kim se-jeong), Choo mae-Ok(Yeom hye-ran) and Jang Cheol-joong(Sung Ji-ru) all called the Counters, bears the arduous task of searching for and banishing evil spirits that escape from the afterlife to gain immortality.

These evil spirits possess local human hosts who have committed murder or have a strong desire to murder, encourage their host’s desire to kill, and consumes the spirit of the victim. The Counters were once under coma when a partner spirit from Yung, the boundary between the afterlife and the world of the living, possess them and give them perfectly healthy bodies and consciousness along with superhuman strength and supernatural abilities.

Three of the Counters—Ga Mo-tak, Do Ha-na and Choo Mae-ok pose as workers in Eonni’s Noodles, a noodle restaurant which serves as their hideout.


During one of their operations, on spoting one of the spirit and fighting the spirit, the fourth Counter Jang Cheol-joong is killed in a battle against a strong “Level 3″evil spirit. As his spirit gets consumed by his killer, his Yung partner Wi-gen(Moon Sook) struggles to find a new comatose human to possess.

Uncannily, she is quickly drawn towards a high school boy So Mun(Jo Byung- gyu) who lost his parent unjustly in politics, they were killed and their spirit was consumed by the level 3 spirit. Despite being disabled, is nevertheless perfectly healthy and alive. As soon as Wi-gen possessed him, the unknowing Mun starts noticing unknown changes to his body and starts seeing Wi-gen in his dreams.


When Wi- gen possess Mun, Ha-Na have to find Mun and bring him to the noodles shop, Mun later finds the answers to his unknown powers in Eonni’s Noodles, and as he becomes the replacement to the late Cheol-joong, he finds himself in a thrilling journey of battling against bloodthirsty demons, reconnecting to his past, and uncovering the ugly truth behind a major redevelopment project in Jungjin.


An 18-year-old high school student and the newest member of the Counters; part-timeserver at Eonni’s Noodles. Physically disabled following a car accident that killed his parents seven years ago, he joins the Counters after being possessed by the Yung spirit Wi-gen due to his strong sense of justice, responsibility, and desire to protect those dear to him.


He was frequently able to summon the Yung and was chosen in a healthy and not comatose state due to his piled-up anger and frustration that might as well destroy every evil spirit. As a Counter, he possesses superhuman speed, short-range psychometry and the ability to sense evil spirits that enter Yung’s “Territory”(but in a range minor to that of Ha-na’s). He later acquires psychokinesis and the ability to touch and summon the Territory at will. Mun has a strong talent in drawing and is currently illustrating a super hero webtoon alongside his best friends Woong-min and Joo-yeon.

The assistant cook at Eonni’s Noodles. After a near-fatal fall that caused his memory loss seven years ago, he joined the Counters after being possessed by Gi-ran, granting him superhuman strength and short-range psychometry. Mo-tak is notable for his gruff appearance but can be a joker occasionally. He was somewhat like a mentor to Mun after he got to know about his past and relationship with Mun.

The server at Eonni’s Noodles. The sole survivor after she and her family were poisoned, Ha-na joined the Counters after being possessed by Woo-Sik who granted her superhuman strength and psychometry. She is capable of sensing evil spirits even from hundreds of kilometers away, as well as being able to read and enter memories from years ago as if she was physically there.

The chef at Eonni’s Noodles. In the past, she ran a photography studio for a living. Now a grieving mother dealing with the death of her son Su-ho. She joins the Counters after being possessed by Su-ho’s spirit. She gains powerful healing abilities. Exuding an extremely caring and positive personality that highly contrasts with Mo-tak and Ha-na, she serves as the team’s advisor and a mother figure to Mun.



The uncanny counter is an interesting drama that shows the fantasy on transits of afterlife, fans who love afterlife and demons Korean dramas,will love this.

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