The Empire (Korean: 디 엠파이어: 법의 제국) is an ongoing South Korean television series starring Kim Sun-a, Ahn Jae-wook, and Lee Mi-sook.


DIRECTOR – Yoo Hyeon-gi

WRITTEN BY – Oh Ga-gyu

GENRE – Drama, Crime


RELEASE DATE – September 24, 2022 –

COUNTRY – South Korea




Credit: Bubble Cinema


Han Hye Ryul (Kim Sun-A) is the chief of the special division of the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office. Han Hye Ryul is from a family of judicial workers who has had wealth and power for three generations.

Her husband Na Geun-Woo (Ahn Jae-Wook) and her mother Ham Gwang-Jeon (Lee Mi-Sook) both work as law school professors. While her father Han Gun-Do (Song Young-Chang) works as a attorney for the biggest law firm in South Korea.

She is an ambitious figure who is not satisfied with her current position and aims to become a prosecutor general. With her sights set on becoming the next Prosecutor General, Hye Ryul hopes to break free from the family ties that bind her. But with a family like hers, breaking free comes at a very steep price.



Head of the Special Division of the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office. First daughter of Han Gun-do and Ham Kwang-jeon.

A law school professor, Han Gun-do’s and Ham Kwang-jeon’s son-in-law and Han Hye-ryul’s husband.

Director of Minguk University Law School, daughter of Ham Min-heon, Han Gun-do’s Wife.

Lawyer representing Ham & Lee’s law firm, Ham Kwang-jeon’s husband.

Ham Kwang-jeon’s father, Lee Ae-heon’s husband.

Ham Min-heon’s wife.

Supporting Cast

Han Hye-ryul’s family

  • Kwon Ji-woo as Han Kang-baek

Han Hye-ryul’s son, Minguk University Law School’s student.

  • Kim Jung-woon as Han Moo-ryul

The second daughter of Han Gun-do and Ham Kwang-jeon, a judge of the Central District Court.

  • Choi Jung-woon as Han Kang-ye

Na Geun-woo and Han Hye-ryul’s daughter.

Minguk University Law School

  • Joo Se-bin as Hong Nan-hee

Nan-hee, who dreams of saving the world and saving lives, is an engineer. After her father died, she attended Minguk University Law School.

  • Jung Jae-oh as Jung Kyung-yoon

He is well thought out, smart and capable, therefore, his grade was always at the top. The teacher liked it because of his bright and friendly personality.

  • Lee Ga-eun as Jang Ji-yi

Jang Il’s only daughter, has interacted with Hye-ryul’s family since childhood. Se never doubted that one day she would marry Han Kang-baek.

  • Bang Joo-hwan as Yoo Hyun

He grew up in a single-mother family. He knew from the beginning that crying and being angry at what could not be helped was the opposite. Sometimes he felt that the judge was not suitable for his age.

  • Kwon So-yi as Lee Ah-jeong

Nan-hee’s roommate with an undeniable shy personality and very suffocating because of observing others. It is most convenient to blame others and blame yourself.

  • Kim Young-woong as Hwang Yong-ji

Lecturer at the Faculty of Law, Minguk University’s fellow professor of Na Geun-woo who teaches criminal law and criminal procedural law.

  • Kim Gyun-ha as Yoon Gu-ryung

After conscription, he went to Minguk University Law School. His grades gradually declined and he was eventually suspended from school for the second year. He had to study with his juniors.

Prosecutor’s office

Seoul Central District Attorney’s Office. The position he was currently sitting in was not a place where skill and luck were sufficient, so Jang Il is someone with more alpha positive.

  • Kim Hyung-mook as Go Won-kyung

Seoul Central District Attorney’s Office Department of Corruption Investigation. Hye-ryul’s ex-husband and Kang-baek’s biological father.

Anti-Corruption Investigation Prosecutor of the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office.

Police station figures

  • Park Jin-woo as Ji Gu-won

As a police officer under the supervision of the prosecution, have set a corner with the prosecutor in every case relegated, returned to Seoul with difficulty. He encountered a once-in-a-lifetime event.

He’s a pretty good detective and is Ji Gu-won’s partner in various investigations.


A person called ‘Chief of the Branch’.

Gun-do’s right arm, he believed in himself.

SBC TV reporter. As a reporter, she is full of passion and passion, and although sometimes she crosses a dangerous line she had unshakable faith.

Senior Civil Affairs Officer at the Blue House.


  • Kwon Oh-kyung as Prosecution investigation officer
  • Kim Hak-sun as Hong Nan-hee’s father


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