Three Bold Siblings[2] (Korean: 삼남매가 용감하게) is an ongoing South Korean television series starring Lee Ha-na, Lim Ju-hwan, Lee Tae-sung, Kim Seung-soo, Kim So-eun and Lee You-jin.


DIRECTOR – Park Man-young

WRITTEN BY – Kim In-young

GENRE – Family Drama, Romance


RELEASE DATE – September 24, 2022 –

COUNTRY – South Korea





Credit: viu


Kim Tae-Joo (Lee Ha-Na) is the eldest of three siblings and works as a professional liaison between doctors on the documentary and hospitals.Tae Ju is pleasant and open-minded but has a short temper. She removes associations with individuals whom she could do without.

One day, she came across her elementary school friend again who once confessed his feelings to her Lee Sang-Joon (Lim Ju-Hwan) after numerous years.

Lee Sang-Joon is a popular actor known for his dashing looks, smartness and compassion.He is also the eldest sibling in his family. Since he was a child, he has been loved by his family deeply. His family was once in debt, but, after Lee Sang-Joon became successful, he took care of their obligation and keeps on supporting them monetarily.

Will the K-eldest-son and K-eldest-daughter find happiness in their lives as they fulfill their duties as the eldest in the family while preoccupied with the burdens of life and marriage still ahead of them?



She is pleasant and lenient, however she likewise has a hot attitude. She removes associations with individuals whom she could do without.

He is a famous entertainer. He is delicate, innovative, and savvy. He is likewise the oldest kin in his loved ones. Since he was a youngster, he has been cherished by his family profoundly. His family was once in the red, yet, after Lee Sang-joon became effective, he took care of their obligation and keeps on supporting them monetarily. During shooting for an acting task, Lee Sang-joon gets harmed and goes to the emergency clinic.

A documentary director called ‘Wild Horse’. He has a cool personality, blunt, brave, and has no intention of getting married. He was a man who experienced a change in the values ​​of marriage through many meetings with the person.

Director of a small and medium-sized company. Mo-young graduated with a master’s degree in Chemistry. He is a kind person and does not get angry, has a logical approach to dealing with problems.

The middle child of the Kim family and Kim Tae-joo’s younger sister. A friendly and sociable person who gets along well with her sister. Kim So-rim is a beautiful pilates instructor whose sunny personality attracts others.

The youngest son and a doctor at the general hospital. However, when he gets caught up in an unexpected love affair in his life, he gets into a mess.



People around the three siblings

  • Jung Jae-soon as Choi Mal-soon

The grandmother of three siblings, has a clean and strict personality.

Mother of three siblings and a strong and honest person.

  • Song Seung-hwan as Kim Hae-bok

Chef of ‘Today’s Curry’ and father of three siblings, has a warm and loving personality.

People around Lee Sang-joon

Lee Sang-joon and Lee Sang-min’s grandmother, Jang Se-ran’s mother.

Lee Sang-joon and Lee Sang-min’s mother. She is not only beautiful and sophisticated but also smart-headed with artistic flair and business acumen, never give up.

University professor, columnist, fashion content creator and bright and groundbreaking who are often indifferent, but shows a desire to win when he is obsessed with it.

Lee Sang-joon’s younger sister.

  • Min Sung-wook as Jang Young-sik

Cousin of Lee Sang-joon’s mother. The son of Jang Se-ran’s brother.

She is the cousin of eldest son Lee Sang-joon and is a hard worker who runs a photo studio with her husband and oversees management, public relations, renting clothes and even cleaning.

Bright personality and optimistic simplicity that makes life enjoyable. She is a source of energy.

  • Jung Woo-jin as Jang Ji-woo

Jang Young-sik’s second son and the fifth cousin of Lee Sang-joon.



  • Kim Ji-an as Shin Ji-hye

The daughter of a wealthy family who is emotionally honest and doesn’t know the world.

  • Yang Dae-hyuk as Jo Nam-soo

Employee who tend to work in large companies.

  • Oh Ha-nee as Min Yu-ri

The only daughter of a wealthy family full of cuteness.

Former nurse Kim Tae-joo’s medical school classmate and best friend.



Kim Tae-joo’s uncle.

Lee Sang-min’s boyfriend

  • Han Ji-wan as The person who threw an egg at Tae-joo

She used to bully Tae-joo


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